PVE: spy contribution accurate?

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  1. Well I think now a lot of players will just spend 3b which is nothing and will do the quest alone so more profit , of course not last ones cos they pretty hard.And clans will be now divide for smalls, medium and bigs, just cos of EBs, little player can't do a lot in later stages of quest so they will find other clan that do first quest so at least they don't get miss every hit or spy,and ppls with high stats have no reason to do low quest they will prefer to do a pwar instead ,so honestly I like the pve cos now it's not only push 1 button game like it is in pwar ,and I'm sure a lot of u guys with high stats spy or attack builds in this 2 days got more ashivments then in last 3months cos u need to scout a lot ,assassin a lot and some of us even didn't know that there was a description for pots lol cos be4 it was just more expensive better is it ,now in quests u have to read which pots for what ,so like I td ya I like this update but there a lot of thing that devs need to work cos I think the biggest problem will be with clans , ok peace guys
  2. I've sent an email to the devs pointing this out. that basically most troop builds with a couple of SOS can do quite a bit. but a large purespy/hansel doesn't do as much dmg relative to a small number of SOS dmg.

    they said they were aware of the less effectiveness of hansel/purespies. and they plan to address that in future PvE updates
  3. You guys need to recheck how you use your spies during PvE's. Spies/Hansel do great in EB's
  4. Santos. Spies do okay but not like the hitters. Look at some clans. All spy totalow.
  5. Their plunder in history might be low but it usually evens out once the spies get their reward money
  6. Hansels are awesome in pve, you just have to realize that to get through on atk you need to use pots. The 2.5m atk pot usually suffices except for the 5th series missions, so you make great profit on attacks. Then of course you also get a good bonus from spy actions, which do more dmg than attack builds' spy actions. In the mission "Origins" I got my ass kicked in total plunder by a 800k hansel in plunder who did the same amount of actions.
  7. thank you killer. I tried the 2.5 million pot and it work. with pwar i was needed just the 1 mil to hit.
  8. P wars have ruined the game it seems this is a good solution
  9. Pve not that different from pwar. Just better pictures. Ppl still not really do the war.
  10. lol this was fun thread. Could not read the most tho.
  11. A word in defense of PWs (I can't believe I'm saying that! I always hated them)

    PWs aren't only for growing spies. They were used that way because we needed big spies to have even bigger PWs. Now that rationale is gone since we can make more on PvEs.

    PWs are literally a way to tax clan members to have funds for clan use. Growing spies was an uncreative and narrow-minded way to dole out war tax.

    Basically PWs provide a fund for clan admins' use to help the clan as a whole, and there are many ways that tax can be spent to help the clan. You know, like government except hopefully less corrupt.

    Spy growth is no longer as big a deal as before since they are no longer the primary means of income. Maybe keeping PWs around will allow for some creative tax usage that can encourage clan cohesion and teamwork rather than blind spy growth.
  12. @Master
    Probably the best comment in the whole thread. That was a pretty good run down of how a good clan used pwars to promote steady clan growth (no matter how boring) in hopes of using that strength to fight a real war (which take alot of effort to find a comparably sized opponent who wants to war on the same terms)

    I think the pve adds exactly what the game needed: The ability for the majority of the players to make good safe income BY PLAYING THE GAME. (And if you want, you can still have a pwar)

    Sure some people are upset (why?), some may quit, but in general everyone that I see complaining about this nonsense on the forums for some reason keep coming back day after day to reassert the same tired arguments.
    Adapt or be left behind. That's how things work.
  13. I don't like that he mentions my name in the beginning 
  14. I like this game but it's not gonna b called Kingdoms at war no more. "Clans at monster kingdom war" lol

    but anyway personally the last boss that u fight gives u lots of gold N pays out more but so time consuming as his seal regenerates keeping u on ur device for hours n I have a family to take care of so I'll stick to pwars n real wars :)
  15. If scouting gives money, Still wont the attackers gain more than Spy build?


    I wonder....
  16. Idk cor, I did 480 scouting actions against hiding titans (how does a 20 foot tall creature hide from ninjas and goblins... Gninjas?) my scouts inflicted 35 per action. I stayed until the end. Final payout for me was 2.3b

    For 480 actions? Srsly?

    I'm gonna kill those gninjas!

    Granted my spies are greatly t3 so I expect to make slightly less with them, but man... That is one grinding mission.
  17. Hi Swabia! Nice to see you on philosopher thread. you guys my favorite forum ppl. My clan does real war but we need pwar to build the big player spy and restock the the monies lost in the rwar. rwar is expensive! lol
  18. Lol I guess Swabia not saw this
  19. So? Same case for spies with a few atk buildings LOL. Only that in the end, that spy with a few atk buildings do more damage then a atk build with a few spy buildings. Im a hansel who compared my results to another person. I used math XD