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  1. Feature Request: A bench. A 10 man inactive roster to add to the 100 man roster.

    Reason: Kicking inactives is fun! But kicking inactive admins can be more work and can cause problems for the clan in the long run if someone doesn't get their role back in a timely manner. Save time and trouble by putting inactives on the bench. They can chat in CC, but can't hit the EB until they get added to the active roster.

    Bonus for the Devs to consider: Just like with clan roles being purchased with in-game money, you have to purchase bench spots with __ number of nobility points. ($5 per slot, $50 per clan - with 100 clans you get $5,000.)
  2. No support
  3. Admins should be reasonable enough not to throw a tantrum if it takes a few hours to get their status back, and with the new clan roles anyone above their previous role can assign them their old role back! :)
  4. No support...1 of the dumbest ideas in forums
  5. Hmm not a bad idea but not really needed
  6. If an admin begins making a fuss about not having their roles back within a couple of hours, you know it's not worth them being admin
  7. No support for the op idea because of the above mentioned suggestions and that no one wants to be on a roster and not hit an eb unless they are "put in play".....that's just insane.

    BUT...it would be a nice idea to have 2-3 extra added to a roster of a war. Any of the 25 person wars would be nice and up to 10 for the 100 person events. That way if we get a goofball mole or inactive, then an owner/admin would be able to pull people and put others in.....that would liven the war up a bit....several things would have to be considered though...1. the opposite team would have to get a message. Something like "you have slain the postman, and your enemy has used a reserve kingdom name--xyz-- in their absence." 2. Once replaced, they cannot return. 3. There bench players are selected at random by devs formulas before the war begins and would assume the KO time of the replaced person so that no extra attacks would be allowed. Yes they would be full barred when they enter the arena, but both teams have this same advantage...it can be used as a strategY and or a solution to inactives/spammers etc...

    Just some thoughts, other ideas can be added
  8. So my idea gets no consideration or was it lost in the title???
  9. TL;DR
  10. You need to read more threads!

    Haha yes! Totally agree, but this is the internet where tantrums are commonplace.

    I think it is very uncommon to see an eb with 100 hitters. Sucker Punch is the #1 clan for strength, activity, and speed right now. In the last day they've had multiple ebs with less than 90 active members, but they are always full. No eb fairy will sit in a clan unable to hit eb, but for most clans there is going to be enough staggering of schedules that anyone on the bench would be able to come in and move inactives to their vacant bench spot.

    I think your idea is way better than mine. How many times have inactive dudes completely screwed wars over? The only reason I thought of a bench was because of fantasy baseball and was thinking if clans could shuffle inactives out of the lineup then ebs would typically go faster without clan owners having to deal with whiney people (whether admin or not). The biggest complaint I see is "why did you kick me? i was active in the last eb?" Yes people should grow up and be ok with kicks, but like i said, this is the internet.
  11. For the war one no support. Let's just have a plunder build plunder a ton a the start and then bench in a huge tank.

    The op is interesting but not really needed.
  12. Kez...that's a point I was making is that it could be used for strategy....but both sides have that option. Its fair
  13. That is the most stupid idea anyone has put on this forum page. $5.000.00 are you kidding me? Are you that loaded with money? How many clans do think would fold? How many ppl do think would just quit. Devs are finding it hard enough to keep the game going and you wanna come up with that...that..uuuugh. NO SUPPORT.
  14. You don't know how to read do you? It wouldn't be $5k a clan, it would be max 50 bucks a clan if the purchase price was 5 bucks a slot. Pay attention. It was a suggestion for the devs to implement the option and if people didn't think it was a good idea or didn't want to pay they wouldn't have to. Clans aren't going to fold because they can't purchase a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL slot.

    speaking of uuuugh.... that was the most stupid reply anyone has put on this forum page.


  15. Don't fold so quick, it demonstrates weakness..
  16. I just don't get why people would be so upset. This doesn't give any unfair advantage to any clan, this isn't going to ruin KaW, this isn't going to inflate the market with more gold, this isn't a required gold expenditure like the "admin" role changes that just happened. All it does is provide a simple fix to a common problem. The devs don't have to charge for slots, it would just make it worth their while to write the code.
  17. No support just leaving it at all that
  18. Remember it is way easier to criticise than to come up a good idea or improve one..