Purchasing through the oracle

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  1. We know a very frustrating problem with Apple and android devices is that in-game purchases cost more money than the base price because of the mark-up the app stores have. People would often refer to pc version of the game to buy their nobility points and xtals, so since pc is ending it makes the game more expensive.

    My idea is very simple for the devs and that if they have a way on their website for people to pay for items in the oracle on the ATA website it would be cheaper than through the App Store.

    “That’s a win,win,win scenario”
    -Michael Scott
  2. But then apple and samsung will be sad
  3. why are you paying more and i'm not lmao
  4. Imagine buying nobs for this game haha
  5. imagine being so irrelevant
  6. Doesn't really refute my point haha. Good one!
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