Purchasing Inferno Problem

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  1. Devs, we do appreciate that you allow us to purchase infernos for $7,500,000,000 and aquas for 10 crystals. The only problem with buying them is that they never work. The infernos have a terrible success rate with enchanting equipment. I purchased 3 of them today and tried to enchant the claws and failed 3 times in a row. This is not the first time it has happened. If anyone asked in clan chat if they should buy infernos, everyone will tell them not to. It's common knowledge that the infernos bought don't work as well as the infernos earned. What's the purpose of being able to buy them if they'll never work or don't work very well. If infernos dropped better for everyone then this wouldn't be a problem I would bother ranting about. But all attack builds ever get from epic battles are aquas. I very very rarely get infernos but I always get aquas. There are several other people with this problem. Please fix the success rate for bought infernos and/or make it so we can switch infernos for aquas and aquas for infernos. Maybe make it so 1 aqua is equal to 5 infernos and 5 infernos are equal to 1 aqua. There are people everywhere that have a ton on one and none of the other. Please do something Devs. Support or don't support below or even leave a comment on how many of one you have and none of the other.
  2. Sorry for the typo of how much aqua really cost. It cost 5 crystals, not 10 crystals lol
  3. I now have 40 aquas and 0 infernos
  4. I now have 102 aquas and 0 infernos lol. Thy should make aqua tradable for infernos. Support
  5. This is what I was looking for. Please Devs :)
  6. Support i buy inferno from time to time and fail 95% of the time so now i don't buy them and i still dont get inferno drops from ebs and yes i am an atk build but that shouldnt matter i like the idea of being able to trade aqua for inferno or vice versa i always have aqua n
  7. I currently have something like 250 aqua and 0 inferno. I def like the idea of being able to trade aqua for inferno and vice versa. Even at a rate of 5:1 I would be appreciative. Although, I would prefer 3:1....
  8. All of these accounts joined within 3 days of each other. ^Must be one angry dude and his alts.
  9. I NEVER get aqua drops. Only inferno. It’s super annoying because I’ll end up with 10k inferno to 0 aqua and I’m not wasting xtals on aqua. Idk why they do this. How does making success rate of upgrading equipment lower make them more money? I don’t get there decision.
  10. Premium EBs drop inf/aq at higher rates then non-premium eb's, and people do premium's more regularly to obtain better legend rewards which include more inf & aq being rewarded. Low success rates when enchanting eq's means you will need more inf/aq over time, and that makes completing the legends and premium eb's slightly more rewarding. So, for more rewards players spend more money buying premium items and try to be more active and use more xtals... it's a pretty simple system to make it a tiny bit more appealing to spend on certain things for some i guess nowadays and helps boost activity too. Before premiums came about it still encouraged more activity and greater xtal expenditure to recieve higher numbers of inf/aq drops in general... I think the success rates are fine but I agree inf/aqua should be exchangeable, at 5 inf:1 aq or better yet at 3:1 would suit me just fine.
  11. Hit more EBs..
    I have 2.1k inferno 2.0k aqua even after maxing every events equipment.
    And yeah, everyone faces the regular 10 fails in a row but who cares..you can even buy aqua and inferno from reward tokens at 50 per (forgot how many) if you really need it
    Stop complaining and grow up
  12. I don’t care. I end up with enough to enchant what I need. But u can’t say to me that it’s my fault I have 10k inferno and no aqua lol. I’ve bought THOUSANDS of aqua with tokens. Still this lopsided. That’s my point.
  13. I have 7k aqua and 9k inferno idk how yall have an issue with them because they give out so much for free
  14. Just use trader tokens to even out aqua/inferno if you ever want to. You get enough for at least like 2k elements per event if you hit 50k and open free boxes.

    On a different note, please don't necrobump ancient threads. I'll leave this open as people are having a discussion, but we'd prefer you start a new topic instead of complaining on a 5 year old thread.
  15. Why? Every bump is a necrobump as these forums are all dead.
  16. Dont purchase inferno with gold, try getting it from legends.
  17. Do both lol