Puppies Yawning

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  1. Puppies Yawning

    Just some pictures I found on a third party site to brighten up forums a bit.

  2. :)
  3. For what, Kasama?
  4. Good thread
  5. Thanks. Dogs are my favorite animal and puppies yawning can make most people smile. :)
  6. -1 lame
  7. If anything, the users derailing this thread will receive repercussions and removed; rather than a “make someone smile” thread locked.

    plus 1 for Griffindor. I lub puppies
  8. What a hypocrite she mocks my grammar and spelling 'as if ' she is so intelligent. And then she does a thread full only of googled picture's. HannahFoxyGirl did a better animal thread. Least hers had funny comments on hers.i guess it was a brain fog day for belladonna today.
  9. I thought this thread was getting locked and got excited......whatever
  10. But did someone do a thread about puppies yawning? Nope. Are you going to try and say I plagerized this, too, Roni?
  11. I’m a dog person as previously mentioned. I like cats, but not as much as dogs.
  12. No, it wouldn’t get locked. But the derailing comments will be dealt with according to slayerbob.
  13. Look out we got a badass over here
  14. Stay tuned for tomorrow everyone for the next in the series of visual stimulation :- a gallery of flowers to calm your senses
  15. Omg I love flowers!! Include a Blue Dahlia plz!!!
  16. Haha. Ok. :)
  17. I love how a thread on puppies yawning has somehow made all the usual trolls who're a cancer to forums flip out. :lol:

    Whatever you're doing to get under their skin unintentionally keep it up.