Public Survey (Marijuana)

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  1. 1) yes

    2) no concrete reason not to. Control it and tax it. Sure there are challenges (law ammemdments for public use, vehicle operation etc) but nothing that cannot be overcome.

    3) yes. Recreationally, likely an average of 3-5 times per year over the past 15 years. I will note that this forum is pointing out that most who feel it should remain illegal, have never tried it. Seems like they are just wanting to push their personal beliefs on others. I do not own a gun or smoke cigarettes, but i recognize others' rights to both.

    4) As a substance, no. What could be considered a 'gateway' is drug culture. If you hang around with lots of people who do illegal things, you will likely be exposed to more illegal things. Legalizing it will minimize this effect.
  2. No it shouldnt be legalized for recreation. Yes for medicinal but not in smokeable form. Make it into a pill or oil if its a medicine. This is for your "gkaucoma" and "chronic pain" to make you feel better not provide a cheech and chong high. Yes weed is a gateway drug....anyone who has been through high school and college understands this you see people smoking weed in high school...then they switch to hash because its "way stronger man" then its on to LSD, mescaline...cocaine and now that you are flat broke and hooked here come americas favorite inner city suburbanite past time meth and his buddy heroine. A little harmless weed at first but if you get hooked on being high which many many many do it leads you down this dark road if self destruction and ultimately death. Personally i call it thinning the herd if you are that dumb with all the warnings out there and you still do these drugs you deserve open sores on your face and teeth rotting out and finally od'ing. It will only get worse until trump wall is erected above ground as well as underground very deep to cutoff drug tunnels. Hillary is just worried about wearing pants suits and looking like a scary half man pseudo lesbian eunuch to care about the war on drugs. Stay off the crack cocaine also thats really bad for your whole outlook on life and if you are into bath salts that turn you into a zombie just end your life now its pretty much over anyways.
  3. Ayyyyy legalize crystal meth
  4. You think people will lace it free of charge???

  5. They put fentanyl in it to make their weed seem stronger so more people buy it...unfortunate side effect is death....but dont worry they do it for free because they know you will buy it
  6. Dealers in your area are whack af then. I'm in NorCal and have never gotten any laced weed
  7. Legalize purple haze and lsd
  8. 1) I don't care
    2) I don't care
    3) no
    4) that's opinion based and it depends on personality. Some people with addictive personalities could love the high and go look for a stronger one etc. but a lot of people just smoke it for the fun. Either way... I don't care
  9. 1)Yes
    2)because i feel that it is realitively unaddictive but easy to obtain however id much rather someone that you know isnt a potential gang member or mixed with something gave me it than someone that is.
    4) Well, I smoked it once to see how it was and have never smoked it or done drugs since. With my friends that i know have smoked it and done some other drugs I know that they already had intentions of doing more than just smoking weed and they havent done any since.
    I feel like people that are willing to try weed probably havent had any drugs before but they'll probably want to try more and just start with weed... I don't think it is a gateway drugerinio
  10. I don't think the state would lace the weed..
  11. Actually it's quite a common practice for some people who try to create addicts and a smart investment if you're into that business.

    I'm not advocating it or for it. I'm just saying to say that doesn't exist is incorrect because it definitely does.
  12. No but when it's illegal and it's being dealt by people individually, absolutely it could be.
  13. Marijuana is a unstable drug that should be banned. It increases death. Your mind is not stable. So in conclusion marijuana is bad for you.
  14. Look! A troll in it's natural habitat.
  15. I Have never smoked marijuana. Those who smoke it is just running away from there problems. Me I intend to go face my problems like a man. Seems our world is brainwashed with druggies.
  16. 1) Yes
    2) Freedom
    3) Yes
    4) No, "gateway drug" is simply anti drug propaganda
  17. 1) Muhammed
    2) Muhammed
    3) Muhammed
    4) Muhammed