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  1. I recently made an interesting discovery.

    Warbeasts takes slightly more than 1 bar to complete, and The Awakening takes slightly less than 1 bar to complete (at my stat range, which I understand is quite small these days). You're telling me that even solo players can get in on on the event items from EBs as well as from the weekend Battle List skirmishes I love?

    You see, I'm quite the inactive player, and while to The Three Amigos being IN-Active means hyperactivity, it's really not. Furthermore, as a code of honor, I am strong-holding my place as Owner of TOS, and thus can't move around willy nilly. While this does mean I'm trapped on a ghost ship with quite the skeleton crew, it really is quite homey once you get used to it.

    After all, you get to go after whoever you like, casually play the small ally market, and not care when a "war" starts because you don't care about your standing gold supply. The only problem is a lack of real growth without EBs..

    Now, the weekend B-List events sanction murdering for insane amounts of gold, and now you tell me I could get an even higher reward tier than I was previously capped at if I cared to go for it? Color me purple.

    This made me think: Does anyone else out there who murderhobos EB-ers do this tactic, or is everyone else an EB/Event/E-War nomad these days (might as well call everyone E-Nomads)? I'm wondering if any other "Solo Event Players" are around, getting the gold outside of the larger organizations, tied with strings to nobody, and only participating to keep their murderspree ongoing.

    After all, the more you grow in spurts, the more you can bring the enlightenment that is "Nobody is Safe From The Battle List" and "The 5 Hit Rule Doesn't Exist" to a new stat-range. Anyways, if there are other such players, this goes to you.
    Post-Script: This is really cutting into my weekday random B-List scouts, steals (after buying a chump ally) and murdering (I mean, attacks/assassinations) though. Decisions, decisions...

    Free Gold is indeed free, if you want it..
  2. But the monetary and event item output is miniscule, even more so if you compare it to the potential gain made by joining a larger clan capable of pushing out Tier X ebs.

    what even
  3. I'm not saying solo players make as much as the nomads. I'm not even pretending.

    What I am saying is that events allow the solo players to grow, and having the knowledge that solo players can earn favors via EBs during the weekdays by themselves, means they can earn an extra reward tier of silver bars.

    If you're saying the growth from silver bars is negligible, then you've forgotten the past extremely quickly. At 1,000 bars, that's 2.25 Trillion. When you consider highlands players can get the 1500 favors fairly easily by simply earning 500 EB favors and 10 PVP marks, just consider what 2.25 Trillion gold was when highlands was the max land you could occupy. Think about the playtime required even if you were just doing Haunting, and no high-level ally sales.

    It's still an insane amount when you considered the land set immediately after that.

    I bring this up because those lower players, who are either new or heavier brawlers and skirmishers, won't have the equipment or the stats for the higher EBs. Without event payouts rapidly bursting them through entire land sets and tiers, they will stay on the theoretical "10 year plan" people often complained about.

    Having the knowledge solo players can earn those extra favors without aid can allow them to move up a reward tier, either from 1000 to 1500 favors, or say 2000 to 3000 favors, depending on build size and activity.

    Event bars is key income which lets them grow and feel progression while still doing primarily what they enjoy most: Fighting other players in skirmishes large and small outside of the closed systems of the game, tied to nobody and no-one.

    PS: Honestly, unless you're in an organized clan and doing a large OSW or involved in system wars, building stats don't matter much for the pvp'er, save for the style of fighting, the sense of progression, and seeing slightly different players on the Battle List over time.

    Equipment, on the other hand, makes a fairly big difference, especially when so many don't have a set. Good thing the weekend battles give event gear payouts, eh?
  4. Does this mean The Observers is open for application?
  5. im confused
  6. Of course it is, Delphin. You're always welcome, just don't expect much chatter save from perhaps myself and Toast.

    For that matter, so is everyone else. Just don't expect a normal clan atmosphere. Or any atmosphere. Or even breathable air. Our biodome garden failed a couple years ago when the bunnies escaped. I hear now they're somewhere in the U.K. getting mistaken for rabbits and getting grenades thrown at them for no reason.

    Which part? If the answer is "yes," then I wouldn't worry about it unless you really want to know. I merely had a minor eureka moment and ran off to the forums with it without much thought other than, "the forums need more lively discussion and activity in it these days with actual content as opposed to guides getting constantly bumped and fail troll topics"
  7. may come hangout, if accepted :p
  8. Apply away, slayerbob. I may be inactive due to sleep work for the next half-day, however, and don't forget about my ghost ship warning!

    I honestly don't get why you guys are so interested, but it is nice.
  9. Ide come, but i think you're a jerk.
  10. That's quite alright. Just remember when you're skydiving, and you deploy your parachute and look for the jerk - it won't be there.

    Best to be nice to jerks and other personalities alike. You never know what lies in your future.

    This wasn't meant to be a recruiting topic, however, so as before, that's quite alright.
  11. I recently came back,and on a 300k account I never really used I was holding a clan. Running b2b wb and other t1-2 ebs on it (at that size I actually needed the unloads) I managed to get the 2k goal for 2 of the recent events. I wast thinkin of unbanking but when I went to spend that gold I had enough to get HlBC and half into the next lands. Felt pretty surreal that a few unloads a day in a solo clan let me get that far
  12. Indeed. I do believe that magic has been lost on some people due to the exponential increasing costs of the latest lands and buildings. Folks forget we're still (down) here.

    They shouldn't though. After all, the enemy's gate is down.
  13. My enemy gate is still up. I've only completed 67 quests.
  14. Nonsense. Ignoring the whole philosophy about perception, the enemy's gate in the quest line are the gates of hell. It's a commonly held belief that hell, in fiction, has traditionally been located in the depths of the Earth (or whatever planet it's set on).

    Thus, even in the KaW quest line, the enemy's gate is still down, just not dismantled, destroyed, overrun, overtaken, conquered, vanquished, defeated, or torn asunder.

    Don't believe that it also means that the enemy's gate hasn't been taken down yet, despite it already being down below the land - that's the defending demons utilizing a simple Mist of Confusion to create a paradox in the attempt to keep your weaker-willed soldiers out.
  15. Corinthian... sleeping potion won't help you if you can't unsheath ur stingpoint and your old man seeds are spent
  16. I fail to see the relevance of that statement to the current topic. I appreciate the attempt at communication, however.
  17. I'm just like, what's the point of even soloing ebs?
  18. Kasama, it is simple. One solos EBs because they don't have the members, and can't / won't leave their clan. One solos EBs because they don't want the (even pretend) obligation to an outside organization. One solos EBs because one can.

    The above are three very simple reasons, out of the many I could choose from.
  19. I didn't read the whole thing, but that rotation is what I've always done with my clan holder alt(when those two ebs drop ddifferent items, that is). It doesn't take more than a bar if u have hoarfrost glitch, btw.