PS4 vs Xbox vs Switch vs PC

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  1. Alright so this is something that’s very near and dear to my heart.

    Video games.

    They’ve been something that I’d say a vast majority of us playing KaW have enjoyed over the years.

    But something my college friends and I argue about ALL THE TIME is what’s the best way to experience video games? I’m personally a PS4 and Switch fan myself. I use my PS4 for most of my gaming, but there’s something about kicking back and playing Mario Kart that makes life so much better. :lol: I’m sure most of you have seen or heard about people arguing over PS4 and Xbox One and time which one is better and all that crap.

    But I wanted to have a discussion in the forums with people who are most likely nerds in some form (I mean your on a mobile game in the forums) about how YOU prefer to play your video games and why?
  2. This isn't even a contest. A PC is superior
  3. PS4 personal preference always been a big Sony fan so pretty easy for me, although i do enjoy my old school Xbox for some games 90% of my gaming Is playstation.
  4. It depends.

    I own a handful of Nintendo consoles including the Switch mainly because of the Nintendo exclusive games. However 99% of the games I play are on PC. Granted I can spoil myself with expensive hardware (but hey I also use it to render CG stuffs)

    Once Cemu (Switch emulator for PC) is optimized I will actually play as many Switch games as i can on PC simply because so many options are now available through the emulator such as being able to play at higher resolutions, further in game rendering distance, even higher FPS.

    I wanted to get a PS4 just for the new God of War but I just borrowed my friends.

    I don't really see the point of XB1. Not hating on it.

    I also own a PS2 and a PS3 for a few Kingdom hearts and Metal Gear games, neither games I can live without. Also Ratchet & Clank. And Jak & Daxter.
  5. PC is definitely the best for gaming. Better graphics, speed, and gameplay. Consoles are best for overall experience and ease of use. It depends on the person but personally I have all 3.
  6. xbox one x is superior to ps4 graphically. Especially obvious if you play red dead 2.
  7. Interesting statement. Must just be for you because on every other Xbox One X when compared to the PS4 Pro, graphics are either same or slightly better on the PS4. Controls on PS4 often are smoother from my experience with any type of third person story mode or shooter game.

    Xbox One X is a great console don’t get me wrong, but saying it’s superior might not be accurate. In some situations it’s better, but for the majority of its games it’s the same and a little slower (in terms of control reaction time) compared to the PS4 Pro.
  8. Switch- Monster Hunter. That's all you need.
  9. The Xbox one X is superior the the pro. Just look at the hardware. The reason it doesn't look better is because the hardware is being taken advantage off by game devs
  10. If it’s being taken advantage of by the game devs wouldn’t it produce superior looking games? I’m not saying it’s not a great console. It is. It’s just not “superior.” A little better? Might be. But not superior.
  11. Ps4 for me. I played my buddies Xbox1 and didn’t like the controller. The home screen and cycling through everything takes more time as well.
  12. I meant to say is not being taken advantage off. It was a late night post bruh
  13. PC ruined consoles for me. So i only play on PC
  14. Apparently the XB1X CPU has a slightly higher clock speed than the PS4 Pro, the GPU side of the APU also has more CUs on the XB1X and the XB1X also has 12Gb of RAM compared to the PS4 Pro who has 8Gb.

    I'm curious about what next gen consoles will have hardware wise. Both currently use a custom APU from AMD with the CPU side of things being super outdated. Jaguar is from 2013 and 28nm. And for the love of of god i do not understand why they're using just GDDR5 for system and GPU memory.

    Either way. Console peasants :lol:
  15. I main Xbox.

    I have all 4 systems and this is no contest.

    PC wins
  16. PC is obviously the superior choice for the gamer willing to invest into a good PC.

    Nintendo Switch is awesome for its First Party games. It's an entire different category IMO than XBox and PS4. Not better than, but due to its vast First Party library (being the central point of owning the system) it's quite literally if you enjoy those games you wont find them anywhere else.

    XBox v PS4, honestly. There's little difference. This simply comes down to what you want of the relatively small lists of exclusives. PS caters to one base and XBox caters to a similar other. I always get XBox first but ultimately end up with both just to get the few games on the PS I want when it lowers in price.