"PS1" Looking for War

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  1. So they know fight mechanics?

    Yet they call a hansel a PS1.

    Pure spy generally means pure spy, AKA no attack buildings.

    Hansel is all spy buildings with 25% or less troop buildings.

    With the logic of PS1, as said earlier in WC, you could be a PS58. Is that how the mechanics work?

    I understand that lots of people do understand the mechanics but if they do why do they carry on using this term?
    Also whoever started the term PS1 clearly does not understand the mechanics.
  2. Delta 
  4. What's sad is it probably wasn't just one person, but this entire generation of players who know nothing BUT PvE and whatever the heck you call the war formats now. Every stickied guide that has KaW acronyms defines a pure spy as only having 0 attack buildings. Why in the world has the rest of the community gotten on board with this incorrect phrasing...
  5. This all started not long after the castle Ug came along. Now a PS had some attack stats, even though no att troop building. So, because KAW has always been filled with mostly 12 yr olds with big mouths, and no math skills, these idiots needed a way to make it known they were not mearly a PS with a lvl 2 or 3 castle. They wanted attention, kinda like Infamous does in WC to get, and came up with this silly, "I'm a PS1. Not those silly real PS with castle UG. Look at me, I'm special. Call me PS1 cause I'm too stupid to know ppl can tell".
    That's how the term PS1 came about, and spread like wildfire. It became even more so after the GH builds became the go to cheat build in wars. So you can thank all of them, and their drop build friends for the term PS1.


    This player has clearly found the newest and best build.
    The PS99.
  7. why not instead of ps1 or ps2 or whatever we all start calling it s/1 or s/2 etc for spy build with 1 or 2 atk builds only & so on, or sumtin similiar? i'm up for the extra confusion XD
  8. There's no such thing as a PS1.
  9. I just see idiots who don't understand things saying ps1 that by point is wrong because they are saying they're are pure spy with 1 attack build, how the hell can it be pure with a impurity.....

    Ps is all spies

    Hansel is 25% or less of their buildings being attack buildings.

    Hybrids anything in between

    And attack is 25% or less spy buildings.

    And no one goes pure attack cos that's just stupid on so many levels of stupid.
  10. Repeating same crap over but people with child's minds needs to be told more than once
  11. Ps1 looking for war 45.....wall me
  12. I just don't understand why people need to state the specific number of troop buildings they have. We've had the term Hansel for years. Why not just call the build what it is? Does it matter whether a build has one versus 2 or 3 troop buildings?

    I'm with Ozz on the previous page - if you're a Hansel with one troop building, just say S1 or H1 if you really need to be that specific about your build.
  13. ^ yes it matters
  14. It literally, specifically does not matter.
  15. Mechanics isn't the issue, Ps1 is an abbreviation for pure spy with one attack build.
    You can called a build ps58, but you're missing the emphasis of a heavy spy build.
  16. Please explain to me what PURE means.
    Then come back and argue again.
  17. Yeah h1 sounds better actually, ppl will get more confused with s1 & the war season lol, we'll just start doing it n hope it catches on, if those who prefer ps1 complain its just being hypocritical nehow lol
  18. It's like having twenty black people in a room and one white person and saying ALL the people in the room are black... Except for that one.
    It's just false. Or a lie? Whatever. It's as simple as it isn't true.
  19. Please search up what "oxymorons" are.
    Make the world a better place
    Besides, "ps1" is something like addition. You're adding one attack building to a pure spy. Doesn't matter if the end result is a ps or not
  20. Ozz, H1 was Ty's idea on page 1 of this thread. Hopefully if people see others using H1, they'll wonder what it is and it'll catch on.

    I really don't care what people call it, but I just had to point out why people are wrong to use "PS" when describing a Hansel build.