Ps1 in indi wars

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  1. What is a PS1's main objective in indi war? As in what action should a ps1 be using the most? Assa/scout or should he be stealing and banking? Or both?

    Also is there a difference in plunder reward for an assa KO vs Attack KO? Sometimes I see players specifically saying to atk ko as opposed to assa ko.
  2. Dump troops and use spies on Spy skim target.
  3. I guess thats where I get confused, by spy skim does that mean assa or stl? Assuming Im a pure spy
  4. Skimming is 1-3 hits and regen. Skimming action type is normally called by the wc
  5. Thanks, yea wc usually gives % of spies to stay at when skimming.

    Im wondering about steals though are you dtw with 0 troops and any amount of gold out or will you be open with gold out regardless of troops maybe Im thinking of a ps not ps1. Also what is the exact difference between a ps1 and a hansel?
  6. Steals r a waste of spies in IWAR
    AKO StlKO AssKO SBKO pay best in order

    See Fight Mechanics in guides

    Any non PS spy build of 75%+ is a hansel

    Hansels r leaky EB builds plain and simple.
    Att BFA is the only means to justify hansels
  7. Skim should be performed on a high plundering tank, and it should be ass.
    Once ass starts failing should scout bomb to sko imo.
    Spy builds get taken down in iwars, might as well set up a skim for the tanks, weakening a tank.
    On a related note, why you a dumb ass build like a Hansel?
    On a kissing cousins note, HANSELS and ps, be a real build, iwar llwar, sorry builds tbh
  9. Thanks good to know that now, do you know if the payout difference is significant between atk and assa KOs? btw Im usually not hansel I just like some adt for weekends keeps other ps out.
  10. Sounds a bit like over extending..but I agree with you assa makes more sense to lower a tanks troop stats.
  11. Not to be mean, but how did you get that broken sword?
    Also agree with Nighthawk and Clyde posts
  12. Wait u aren't meant to fb stl? Ah that explains a lot
  13. On a side note ako pays a lot more
    Skim is assas on tanks/hyb/att and scts on PS/hansels
    Ako>stl>assas>SCT but stl is s waste of spies so go for ako on inactive and assas on anyone else

    And stay high but hard for hansels with no towers and ALWAYS get ur 60 :lol:
  14. Or little towers* doubt 8m matter much st that size
  15. Any war for me? Im ps1 :)
  16. Wrong thread(don't think there is one tbh)
  17. Anybody who thinks ps1 are no good in indi never had their victory stolen away by me.. Too many noobs giving ps1 a bad rep.
  18. Any hansel that does good in war either has bfa or is fast and doesn't leak much

    And that is hard to find
  19. Ps1 clans (that are good) hope and pray to face attack builds, not hybrids. They like attack builds because if a ps1 is banked then they cannot be attacked. So if all the ps1 skim assa on one attack build till ko they repeat and repeat. An assa ko can pay as high as 25 mill if you are full spies but the assa ko plunder is directly related to your spy level.

    When ps1 clans face hybrids or other ps1 clans is when you see steals. 1 steal from full spy will give about 8m.

    Hope that helps

  20. i have never seen a att roster except in s6(silver) hoping to get hyb lol