Proposition to help New Players.

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    *edit: I put this back to active topics via request.

    With low lands being automatically unlocked for new players, Idea number 2 is achieved and this thread is now repurposed to only idea #1


    Kingdoms at War is not easy for new players.
    -It takes years to become build complete if you don't spend real life money.
    -Finding a good starter clan is getting tougher and tougher
    -Also, the ally market is drying up.

    There are techniques to easy growth early, but they are dying out and not every clan has the knowledge, time, and/or resources to preform these techniques. So I am making this thread in an attempt to convince the developers to develop a faster and easier way for new players to grow.

    Proposition Number 1

    This proposition is that the New Spell given to new players automatically gives those players their Max Plunder Ally Bonus. It gives the New players time to learn the basics of the game and grow before having to learn the complexities of allies and the ally trade market.

    This advantage only goes to new players so to increase the number of players who join the game to keep playing.

    Resetting your account does not gain this bonus because by your first reset, you should have a better understanding of the Ally Market and build mechanics than a player who just downloaded KAW.

    Thanks to Aussie-ShadowMingler for the original idea

    Proposition number 2

    With this game ever expanding it's land and building tiers, it may also be wise to further decrease the amount of time it takes to unlock lowlands.

    This Proposition is a request to lower these pricing on lowlands:

    All lowland - land prices by 25 precent

    Guilds and Troop Tier 2 and Tier 3 buildings by 25 to 50 precent.

    Faster starting growth, if only with throw away builds will give enough incentive for new and reset player to continue playing and help shorten the large gap between starting play and build complete.

    Support/No Support

    With this thread containing 2 ideas.

    If you support or do not support both ideas simply post support or no support.

    If you support idea 1 but not idea 2 or vice versa simply say:
    1) Support
    2) No Support


    1) No Support
    2) Support

    All ideas and constructive criticism is welcomed.
  2. [title2]Proposition #1[/title2]

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  3. [title2]Proposition 2[/title2]

    Achieved with Low Lands being unlocked to new players
  4. Support
  5. Support for both
  6. Support! And support!

    Maybe another idea is expand tire one and two ebs with ebs with good item phases.. for more variation for newbies. This is more important when they stay small longer they get bored....
  7. 1. Support but should be offered to all new accounts, new players and old alike
    2. No support. Lowlands can be unlocked in less than a week even by completely new to kaw players. And the buildings are cheap enough. All cheaper low land and low land building prices would do is lead to yet more complaints about how "not" cheap highlands and up are.
  8. Rusted having a field day on forums today...
  9. Good starter clans are becoming hard to find. Which I think is one of the biggest issues in kaw. Something should be done by both devs and kaw community to remedy this. For starters new players have no business creating a clan..I'm sorry...but just no. All these do is suck other new players in to a failing clan. And the kaw community should attempt to be more selfless in running successfull training clans. I've always believed in the idea of "rotation". Rotating members of main clan in and out of a sub/training clan to keep on active and doing small ebs efficiently while not "burning out" the owner and admins.
  10. 1. Supoort
    2. No support, it takes less than a week to unlock all the lowlands, the prices are fairly reasonable
  11. 1)Support
    2)Support. It takes maybe one week for someone fully invested in the game from the get go. Were trying to recruit new players who might not be fully invested and are just testing out the waters. I see no problem with making Lowlands lower cost So these potential new players can have a quicker route to actually being competitive. I mean were only talking about the Lowlands here, I understand it's not "that big" of a difference but it's huge for new players. Took me maybe a month to LLC and that was cause of many things like A) got recruited by a small nearly inactive clan B) ally market for smalls was bad (it's only worse now) then too and C.) Most noons have no idea what to plan for long term. This was my first game like this So I was just hitting warbeasts had no idea ally plunder existed and hit battlelist and fought people for allies when I did hire them. So yeah make it easier for the noobs. The more noobs we get who decide to stay means less of a chance of ATA deciding our game is the next one to shut down.
  12. 1.No Support
    2.No Support
    There's learning curve, sure.
    But we managed to get through it. I mean so did hundreds of other players.
    I'm an alt and I'm aiding people in a newbie clan.
    Explaining things.
    Sure you can look like quite the humanitarianist if you spout a bunch of THINK OF THE NEWBIES but come on, OP.
  13. support.
  14. Starter clan:

    Squad Alliance.
    With A full stop^
  15. Support on both, it's a good way to keep new players to stay in game. The more players, devs will become more creative with extra fundsī–
  16. Support , but we know this won't change anything, devs only care about $$$$ and of this idea doesn't bring even the slightest hint of $ for the devs they won't even look twice at this
  17. I was thinking of clans made by Devs (or really devote players) that are marked as "Starter Clans." These clans will be seen at the end of the really outdated tutorial, and after picking one and joining, players inside can help the newcomers learn the game's mechanics of allies, EBs, and the wall/PM/chat segments.
    Or something. I don't know, I'm probably pitching an old idea :lol:
  18. 1: Support

    1 is great . The game will become like gaw unless ata look after the new players. And as soon as a new player starts hearing about max the start it's over whelming . Instant max plunder should definatly be standard

    4 years ago as a noob I only played cos I wanted to upgrade some buildings and see where the game went . Look now... People are so huge . A non max plunder noob is doomed without more support .