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Discussion in 'Activities' started by Erick, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Developers, I have an idea which I believe would actually compensate players based on how active they are, not just how much they spend on here.
    Why not have an event where items are based on actions and not just the type of epic battle or size of account etc.
    For example, you get 1 item per each action done on an epic battle. I believe you get 25 attacks and 25 assassinations per hour based on a regular regain.
    Due to this, you would limit the amount of items dropped to 50 per 50 actions or 100 per 50 actions and cap it at 50 or 100 / hour regardless of the epic battle completed.
    This would be an event that would be fair for all participants and reward players based on how active they are. Not just the amount of money they spend on your game ( I am currently in a B2B HtE clan) this way it could actually be something people like and clans will continue to run b2b HtE regardless of what happens.

    Ant thoughts or opinions? I'm just wanting an event where we can reward players who play this game as much as everyone else even though they may not be able to afford to spend too much money on here they should still be able to compete for top tiers.
  2. Xtals what art thou
  4. This idea also supports family unity ,where people don't scramble to large ebs ignoring their family for want of growth you rarely see a+80 in a family of t4-6
  5. Thanks for quoting the OP on the third post of the front page, imbecil...
  6. Sorry, I have to do this:

    Actions per hour (based on hitting an eb (glitch troops take it to 1.5h))

    Steals - 18
    Attacks - 24 / 26(with a balanced building)
    Ass - 36
    Sct -48
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Let us create dozens of alts roasting wild boars and squids. And hordes of alts in ee-war doing only scout bombs. Lovely idea, op!

    Btw, wait for a paying player to comment on this thread. :roll:
  8. This sort of thing has been proposed before.

    As Rio states you can vary the number of actions from spying, so to balance you would need something like:

    2 points per scout
    3 points per assassinatin
    4 points per attack
    6 points per steal

    Xtal use becomes more important, especially for event LB, so good for payers and good for Apes revenue.
  9. The bigger players should get more rewards because 5t to them is like 100b to us quit making a problem where there is none. Be happy with your free upgrades every event and get over it.
  10. Oh! Let's create four alts. Two hansels and two hybrids. Doing quests for 5 days to get free xtals. Opt-in for the weekend pvp-blitz then hit each other. Great idea! *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
  11. No it isn't,value of gold is same regarding whatever size,a 1 Tril ally costs 1 T for both big and small
  12. Obviously allies cost the same but were talking upgrades 5t gold is way less beneficial to a near bc than to someone 1mcs and thats a fact
  13. Then let's stop giving extra 5T gold to BC or big players then! Since they can easily earn it through back to back lotl. ;)
    Then lets start giving 5T to fresh accounts.
    And op equipments, too. Since Bc or big cs players don't need them anymore.
    Then lets lower the eb max plunder by 30-50%. Wohooo! Talk about rebalancing dumbells and barbells, controlling the traffic by separating what is heavy and what light.
  14. I am behind you 100% on this.
  15. Xstals would be irrelevant due to the cap of 50 or 100 items per hour, also I do spend money on this app. At the person who said "When a paying customer comments".
  16. What if everyone in kaw got a free generous amount of bonus silver bars depending on how many items were collected by the top 100 combined, which is largely dependent on how much $$they spend. This way us small guys can grow quicker, bc players can still own events with their money and everyone suddenly likes them for using money to earn big in events.XD

    But really, your idea sounds good. Support
  17. Typical liberal mentality. I shouldn't have to put the time and effort in that others have for the same reward. In my sons school they say he shouldn't bring money to School because the kids who don't have money would feel bad. Guess what ppl work for what they have you want it put in the work or get use to having less