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Do you support at least 1 of these propositions?

  1. Yes, you have my full support!

  2. Uninstall you cry baby

  3. I support the Plate Refining only

  4. I support the Furniture Material exchanging only.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Wam.

    I want to propose to you some ideas that I believe should be implemented into the game.

    1.) Plate Refining

    I firstly propose a way to obtain trader tokens via Plate Refining. This is an in-game tool that will use standardized algorithms to refine your unused plates into usable trader tokens.

    Refining payouts would be as so:

    500 Lowland Plates = 1 trader token (20% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 1 token]

    100 Highland Plates = 1 trader token (20% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 5 tokens]

    50 Hoarfrost Plates = 1 trader token (20% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 10 tokens]

    8 Abyss Plates = 1 trader token (31.25% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 40 tokens]

    3 Osman Rai Plates = 1 trader token (33.3% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 200 tokens]

    1 Deepmine Plate = 4 trader tokens (33.3% return)

    [Purchaseable at 100 per 1200 tokens]

    The algorithms may seem confusing. Where did I find these figures? I used a Return:Cost method. The return fluxuated at a rate of (20-33%) compared the the cost of which each plate held it's purchaseable value at (100%).

    This is a fair and balanced way to exchange your rewards for tokens.

    2.) Furniture Materials added to Token Shop.

    As of recently, the prices of furniture materials (Red Lumber, Blue Ingot, and Yellow Sandstone) have skyrocketed to in, some cases, over 1m cs per 1 single material. That is preposterous! The demand for these materials is only going to grow higher the more people level up their furniture.

    My solution!:

    Adding Red Lumber, Blue Ingot, and Yellow Sandstone to the Market for purchase via Trader Tokens.

    I believe a fair rate of 10 Tokens to generate 100 of that selected material is enough to lower the community market's pricing, yet still keeping it competitive.

    Let me know what you think. I'm sure everyone is going to No support this, but oh well.


    It has been brought to my attention by a player to also have Furniture Materials drop from Chests aswell. I think this is an excellent idea.

    Bundles of 20, 50, and 100 would be just lovely.

    Thank you Becca :)
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  2. #2 I think they'd have to be pricier. You get 45 total pieces for dismantling a 19 nob item. Imo it'd have to be a rate closer to 1:1 for tokens, maybe even higher. We get like ? 2000 tokens per event without royals? "Just" 2000 extra red/blue/yellow is a lot per event, that's equivalent to around 45 extra walls (or banners) dropping. I normally get ~2.
  3. Sounds reasonable. Especially if Proposition 1 is inplemented tokens will be easier to obtain. Obviously these prices aren't firm as it isn't in the game. However, like what was stated before the furniture material requirements grow the higher furniture is upgraded. That pricing seems balanced to me, but then again builds like mine do not generate the ammount of tokens a larger build does from events.