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  1. This proposal is a better system than ATA's the only thing I see that should be adjusted is the right to start a War and change titles,these should be only available to head admin and up,otherwise thumbs up Kez.
  2. 5 admins & 3 head admins aren't enough to run ebs smoothly in all timezones.
    But this a minor issue & i like ur overall idea.So support.
  3. Why do some players have such issues with beginner clans? They don't interfere with the established clans or any part of the game that I can tell. These players don't even clutter my battle list.

    They provide newer and casual players to enjoy the game, hitting small EBs and warring each other. A new player can earn an admin spot in a beginner clan, and feel like they have some connection to the game (which makes them more likely to be active and grow). Adding new players to the game increases the longevity of KaW, something all players should support.

    For all of those who want KaW to return to a simpler time, make a new account and join a beginner clan. It's fun to enjoy the game without all the big clan politics.

    But I guess it's popular now to hate on beginners, because some people think it makes them look cool and established. Otherwise some people appear to like the idea of forcing new and smaller players to play thd way they want as opposed to allowing individual opportunities and choices.
  4. King you already said that on page 7 and I answered already. If you have nothing else to add please leave my thread.

  5. The whole point is that the admin role is to keep things running smoothly with the "safe roles". No abuse can really be done that can damage the clan apart from perhaps starting the wrong epic battle or messing with clan announcements. If Owner's and Co-Owners had access to a log of who did what then it would be nullified however that would be a lot of spam notifications so would most likely require an extra clan tab so isn't likely to happen any time soon.

    As I said above the reason I didn't give admin those roles was because they are more open to abuse and it means that there is less chance a clan be undone by one person.

    What tweaks would you suggest. I am sure the dev team would love to hear more feedback on this matter. The more feedback we get here in this thread the better the chances are that we will see changes to the clan structure we like :)

    Also no the dev team have not stated a time for when the clan update will be launched however I suspect it will be within a week, two at most.

    I did initially have it so that admins didn't have access to change titles and they couldn't start wars. Let me explain why I changed them.

    Starting war: The reason I changed it so that admins could do this is simple. You need the right amount of people to cast wave of conflict in order for an EE war to be signed up for. Also nobody does the system wars that aren't EE related so that doesn't really come into consideration.

    Change titles: This is simple. OSW needs this. Without this feature too much pressure is put on the ranks above admin as constant roster checks are needed to truly minimize strip damage,

    Those figures I gave should enable smallish clans to function very smoothly and this was a lot more generous than the dev proposition. Perhaps a few more admin spots would be useful however they should be willing to invest in a few positions if they are serious about running a clan.
  6. Your "answer" did not answer my points. In fact, your "answer" was just a restatement of what you said that I answered. As such I saw no reason to respond with anything new.

    Sorry you can't come up with an actual response to my points. But just because you can't, is not a reason to kick me off.

    If you wish, i will restate my reply, just as you, instead of copying the well made argument.
  7. The majority of players don't have issues with beginner clans. What they have an issue with is the vast amount of failed beginner clans that actually ruin the game experience for new players preventing the player base expanding. Also of course they don't clutter your battle list. How is that even a valid point?

    Yes small clans allow new players to get started but only if it's a decent starter clan. You are dilusional if you believe most starter clans are good. The majority of starter clans are just awful and they actually take away from the game. Yes they would add a lot to the game if they were decent which unfortunately the majority of them aren't which is why there is the "hate"

    Being smaller doesn't make the game simpler it actually makes things more complicated in general because you have to worry about building up in order to gain max plunder and hit the lower tier ebs. I am not saying this should be a bad experience as it's a change of pace however I challenge you to join a really poor starter clan and tell me you enjoy the experience. Tell me that if you weren't already a player with some knowledge of the game that you would know what to do.

    I hope that is a decent enough explanation as to why new clans get "hated" on. New clans are what keeps players coming into kaw and honestly the quality of them right now is dreadful.
  8. New players are necessary for KaW. New clans created by players who want to try new things are part of the process. Trying to dictate how players can play by hating on beginning clans and economically forcing them to fail is unnecessary and hurtful to the game.

    So, no. While that may be an attempt to explain the unreasonable hate on beginning clans, the more likely explanation is just some players stroking their egos.

    By the way, without the unnecessary and prejudicial fees, your clan structure looks fine.
  9. Supportī€Ž

    A much better proposal than that designed by the devs.
    Even adjust the costs if you must (though the ones presented here are good), but the ranks are perfect. No extra nonsense, just what is needed (and furthermore, asked for by the KaWmunity).
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  11. Come on devs... Dont release that ******** update yall got.. As u can tell nobody want that ********. Just saying... Beside this 1 here is a lil better.
  12. Bump for visibility and feedback
  13. I just don't think it matters as long as devs finally listen and give us new roles which we have asked for forever way to go devs
  15. You say it doesn't matter? Hell yes it does matter, small clans cannot afford to invest so much just for clan roles. The KaWmunity asked the devs for simple clan roles just as OP had stated. Then the devs came with their own twist, which in a way was fine, BUT they decided to charge us for it. That's where the devs went wrong in the first place. The value of the clan roles combined are over 3T. No small clan can afford that much. This whole paying to unlock slots is just so we start liquadating out gold that we have banked. So when we don't have more gold banked we are going to pay more for Seals and xtals go get it back. Then the devs get $$$$$$$

  16. Whats wrong in simple Owner/Admin/Member??
    But well if Devs you have to change that simple thing, then I would say the proposal given by kezzer in this thread is better and i support it.. and especially the idea of "mass wall posts!
  17. The names are cool brings that medieval theme but fully agree to lower the prices a notch.