Proposal for different clan structure #2

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Kezzer, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. It's beyond annoying to demote/promote clan members to and from charge hand to kick inactives from the clan as a commander role.

  2. Full support.
    Nice idea ; kezzer.
  3. Nice to see the support on both my proposals so far. If you have any thing you could change please feel free to post below or if you like specific details then please let me know :) Without the community inputting into this idea it doesn't become a feature request that the community wants.
  4. I don't even understand what most of these roles do. Well I do, but I doubt I'll memorise it. I used to have a hard time remembering what an admin did -_-
  5. Yup we are lol 
  6. I agree to add the kick member-ability for Commander, Armsmaster and Captain!

    Chargehand, if have the ability to kick and mute members should remain there! More members will be able to have the ability to kick then!
  7. The whole point of my idea is that it allows all ranks to kick if the clan owner wants them to :) A recruiter with the secondary rank can kick as well as accept new players into the clan which are some of the much needed roles of an admin however starting ebs is allowed from the next rank and up after recruiter :)
  8. Better than what we have, worse than what we had
  9. Still no updates from the devs in regards to the clan role changes. Would be nice to see changes from either of my threads taken into consideration.
  10. ^ or at least any response at all
  11. Still no update from the devs and the clan ranks still need refining in order to make them worthwhile.
  12. Bump

    People still complaining about how limited the ranks are.
  13. I agree with the changes apart from only the clan owner n 2nd rank should be able to change the clan page I can't see why anyone else should be able to change it it n important part of the clan n should only be changed by top admin.
  14. Kicking power to commanders and armsmaster would be great.
  15. I think it's safe to say this wont be implemented anytime soon.

    soz op
  16. Won't be implemented seeing as the recent change but it's a positive change imo. If you give things some time to adjust and leave the possibility for its change in the future I think that would be best. Support nonetheless :)
  17. i see what you have to say and it make sense but do you really need 50 admins that can kick players? because if you gave recruiter,knight,chargehand, and captain the right that makes 40 plus commander and warchief and armsmaster aswell just seems to much imo