Proposal for Charm/Equipment/Reward Drops from PvP Actions

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  1. Proposal for Drops from PvP Action

    Hello KaWfictionados,

    I have been wondering if the devs would consider implementing a drop from PvP actions. Back in the day, before they became a OAF/OSF breeding ground and I stopped participating, during each weekend PvP blitz players had the possibility to randomly get a spell that increased their 'returns' from PvP from hitting opted-in players.

    My question is: could something similar be implemented with random drops from existing charms, rewards, equipment, etc.?

    My idea is that a random piece from the equipment/showcase slots gets duplicated in the case of a winning steal or attack and it is added to the hitter's inventory.

    That would make for a nice 'booty' reward because let's be frank, this is what ancient armies did: they looted stuff not just coins. They did not go:
    "Look, Ragnar, a nice armour; shall I loot it?"
    "Jeez... Olaf, how many times do we have to go over this: just take the coins, man!"
    My goal is to reward people who hit others for real in this game. Also it may be fun... imagine getting a top notch piece of equipment? I think it would also put some warring spirit back in the game by incentivizing people to actually hit each other.
    At the same time I have softened much by asking the devs to 'duplicate' instead of 'transferring' the drop so peeps don't actually lose stuff.

    This - like everything else - might be exploitable but here are some risk management options:

    1. It is not implemented if you are opted-in the PvP Weekend Blitz because y'all are hitting OAF and OSF
    2. The probability should be a small % of the hits to make it meaningful
    3. It may be good to have an algorithm that implements the drop only if you hit let's say at least 5 different players in a 24hr period (although if you want to spend most of your time hitting alts you cannot hit EBs, soo... well go ahead)

    Anyways, so... that's my idea. Comments, variants, amendments and suggestions are more than welcome.

    Have an awesome weekend all.
  2. Support, may give actual pvp oriented players a chance at better EQ than eb fairies :)
  3. I mean most people already have 5 accounts and if they wanted to duplicate a certain charm, they could trade away every charm but that one. Therefore, a lvl 12 ice tail could be duplicated multiple times
  4. Perhaps; but how many people have both 5 accounts & a maxed icetail? Often what is possible is not likely.
    Plus you still would have to get lucky to get it anyways.
  5. Just saw an account with 33 lvl 12 ice tails. So if that person created alts, all new accounts and sent them each one icetail then had them hit each other, rotating them each hour with a chance of that icetail.

    And let's not play obviously, charm buying is a thing, so with that person pretty much duplicating them by that little loophole the person could then sell then and more will circulate within the game. Rinse and repeat
  6. Hitting 33 accounts every hour is a full time job - what you describe is possible for sure but it seems to me that the benefit to the biggest part of the players would be larger than having perhaps 10 people exploiting the system in this way.
  7. We want less charms, not more charms.

    We already have a major gold inflation issue on our hands; why on earth would we want the same issue to spread to the already idiotic charm system? What you’re describing is a sure way to create a massive issue that would only magnify the existing issues with charms (i.e. war fairness and such), not to mention the potential for exploit already discussed in this thread.

    I swear, it’s like you have a greedy idea and then your head is so far up your own rear that you think it’s the best idea in the history of ideas, not taking even 1 minute to think about the consequences before posting your special-ed level thread.

    No support. Boooooo, OP. Boooooooo.

  8. Wow you seem upset.

    1. Most people seem to like equipment and charms - they hit EBs and OAF/OSF to get those.
    2. The drop rate for the PvP spell was lower that 1/500 and - as I wrote above - we should do the same here. If someone wants to try the loophole with those odds they are welcome to it.
    3. The only thing that gets people to do something in this game are incentives to get what is useful in the game, which are now charms and rewards. So to get more people warring you’ll need to offer something they want.
    4. Given 1 to 3 above I’m gonna go out on a limb and venture that perhaps you
    a. Are a troll
    b. Have a reading/comprehension impairment
    c. Do not understand the game
    d. Suffer from chronic butthurt

    It’s probably all of them though.
  9. This wouldn't be a straight up looting concept, but remember how we used to get random, exclusive charms from event boxes (before idols were added in)? What about a similar set of exclusive charms each event, that only dropped from PvP in the manner you described? Or, something like one different set every month (any time period) so it doesn't have to be tied to events. That would prevent easy abuse.

    The mechanism of drop would be more difficult to implement if it were to discourage osfs/oafs. If there were no changes, and the new charms/loot were added like existing drops (i.e. dropped as much as the spell that gives 1.5x drops), if the charms were desirable enough they would at least entice more people into conventional PvP.
  10. I like it
  11. I like the idea. It also gives room to promote PVP and not just smacking farms.

    To prevent exploitability:

    IF Plunder_Action_count
    IS <10 on "Player_Attribute"
    THEN proc 5% chance to "Charm_Theft"

    If Plunder_Action_Count
    IS >10 on "Player_Attribute"
    THEN "Charm_Theft"=null
  12. Rewards from general PVP?

    Sounds like far too much off an ask to me.