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  1. Ok devs I'll bite, where is the new eb? We were promised the release would be around chapter 6 of this promo. Are you planning to release later or are you releasing it now?

    Secondly,there isn't a forum post about this new promo & the prizes seem messed up. 15K for a tier 7 key? 10-15K has always been tier 6. Plus 10k tier isn't showing banner tokens.
  2. Re: Promo

    You can start to tell when the devs have gotten lazy after a month and a half of basically one event
  3. New event and no thread from the devs? What blasphemy. :lol:

    No war event either.
  4. Check again it updated
  5. Where is the forum for the NEW EVENT?
  6. Re: Promo

    ^Are you really not sure what to expect? It's been explained ah, many times.

    There is more silver given though.
  7. The devs screwed up a bit :) 2k items gets and an extra equipment?
  8. Alright mods go ahead & lock this one up. All but one of my questions were answered lol. I can inquire about the new eb on the promo thread
  9. There was a thread. Be patient you nub.
  10. Oh well considering I posted this 9h ago, there wasn't one at that time. :roll: