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    Lure must not of generated enough revenue
  2. No support
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    Do we get 50% more bonus from using "Seal of Deflection" now during promo in HtE?
  4. Gotta be kidding me, Devs this comes from deep from my heart, go and screw yourselfs, you're becoming a joke, what happened to listening to tje community.

    Get rid of hte, you've made more than enough money now, return kaw to the gamers not the money makers!
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    Kaw_community do u like my new hair cut?
  6. Must be be bad announcement. Could be s4. Remember last two hte event promos and the announcements after
  7. i Guess you are feeling the pains of your ee fiasko, no worries, still not buying any nobs or xtals til you figure out what yall doing
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    Oh cool just a few people complaining. Listen, you find matter. For every Whiney ***** on here crying, five more are buying seals and xtls. Suck it up. Play or don't. In the end, you don't matter.
  9. thats the problem, we dont matter, we are just a wallet to be emptied.
  10. Look at all the stuff that needs fixing, and all thaey can release is seyhing to line their pockets………… again.
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    How about 2 HTE and WB until an update promised 3 months ago comes out...
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    It appears the devs now wipe their asses with money.
  13. you can cry all you want on this thread, but... its the people right now that are complaining that are buying seals and swarming b2b hte clans. cant send a message if you don't have any follow through.
  14. I remeber the feeling of earning 15 bil in a eb and being pround of my activity and earning it. This only game i love enough to suggest a step back.
  15. Make seals a direct purchase and limit to one a week.
  16. New Lands/Upgrades on the way
  17. I say we run this promo as a permanent fixture. You are doing this promo every other week, stop calling it a promo and just run it 24x7 and get done with it.
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    YAY! I just bought 2 seals and a horn too!
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    I don't see why people even complain about this, it's buying a **** load of gold for the whole clan, more than nob points will ever give you.

    If you don't like it don't buy seals, but hey nothing's going to stop you hitting the hte that other people seal for.
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    End HTE