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    We all know ATA was named in the lodsys patent infringement suit. It's on the internet. Perhaps this is a push to settle out of the suit, or pay lawyer fees
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    Popular demand my ass!
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    oh my ******* god!!! Is this a joke?

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  5. This 50% increase.. Does it include my current 32% plunder increase from the tsg TT and EE? So will I have 82% plunder increases :0?!?!
  6. @ kaw_community: Just a thought...but can you reset xstal usage when you put out a new promo...thx! :D :D
  7. Will there still be the 96xstal cap?? Please answer mod
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    What he said
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    96 xstal cap for the win. Also, thank you zagham
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    You people are blind to the problems of this game
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    I've seen no plunder increase. Only my 25% increase from ee?? Is this right. @kaw com?
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    I wonder if the 96 xstal limit is still in place? #devs winning#
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    What does ATA plan to do about inflation within the game? Any gold sink updates? As a matter of fact, PvP is a great one. Maybe you should encourage it.

    A response would appreciated.
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    Due to popular demand huh? You mean you didn't make enough money on all the bs hunts and promos you have done so much lately? Yeah I thought so. Please don't ever bring back promos that include ebs we don't have to pay for, that would be a real drag and no fun at all.
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    Back by popular demand 
    More like, the money incoming from us has slowed down and we (dev's) are greedy so we want more.

    Dev's I don't mind these events running, but don't make out it's because we asked for it. Some honesty goes along way don't you know.
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    When you guys do these hte promos, you should also raise the daily xtal limit, as you did in the time trials.
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    Bring back 96 xtal daily limit as well please!
  18. Thx to devs who at last have listened to complaints! This will benefit new players as well, which plunder bonus percentage from time trials doesn't.
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