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    Feel free to give maybe a rough date for s4 or when u will tell us more lol
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    Lets extend this to 1week
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    I believe the gap between the old timers and the newbies is getting bigger by the day,hence I hope you devs can help the newbies to grow by allowing free HTE and rotwb for 3 days,meaning no horn and sod needed,pots will be shared and no pot hogging...thanks️
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    @bc not only no but hell no
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    promo lol, looks like all star war with 160ppl / clan wasn't enough to fill devs wallet ... they missed 40 ppl in each asw clan, so come with HTE promo .....
  7. As if they weren't run too much already
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    Anyone noticed a plunder drop in the last few hours ?
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    No I haven't had any drop
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    I was making 110 now it's 109 there was a plunder drop.
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    Omg 1 mil drop! The world will end
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    It's a drop of that much for every hit which adds up I dropped my towers for a boost to my plunder for the event. It's not worth it if you don't earn back what you lost.
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    I have a new idea. For every promo you give us, give 5 xstals. 10 xstals on hunts.
  14. Like always its all about MONEY
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    It is a game they do need money
  16. Extend the promo so i can use more xtalls! XD
  17. Dear devs.... real promo would have been:

    1. 50% more gold
    2. 50% more Xtals to use.
    3. 50% less to pay for a seal.

    What U are doing now is just filling your pockets with more and more real money.
    With only returning virtual money ( gold ) to us, the players.

    Kind regards from a dedicated Kaw player.... called
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    Just sayin many people have a pay day tomorrow why not extend the promo for the weekend. LOL
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    I have my payday tomorrow. Would be nice to spend some money lol :p but what some of you need to understand that this game is about entertainment. You wouldn't complain about paying $12.50 for a movie ticket, or $6.00 per game of bowling. Why are you complaining about the cost of seals during a 50% more gold promo? Be happy that the devs did anything at all for you.
  20. I agree with BossNash_binks.... give us back some real money by offering a seal for 50%.
    Do not keep all the real money you receive during this pocket in your wallet(s) Dev(s)