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  2. Devs please extend event until 1/7/2014 I have a lot of monaaay I want to give to you
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    1/7/14 is wayyyy past 
  4. Global dates you put the day first not the month
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    Ah. Thanks for that :)
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    See, learn something new everyday. Even in kaw lol
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    Support for extension. This will mean more money for you devs 
  8. Extension means more money for devs and possibly more inflation in kaw. If they keep it too long ppl could grow faster and that's not good for long term but is good for short term
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    Devs please extend I'll xtal and seal and make you filthy rich

  10. Sweet n i like it ;-)
  11. Sweet n i Like it
  12. Thanks. Can we start posting event times in other timezones as well? It avoids a lot of confusion, and we shouldn't have had to rely on wulf's timer for the ASW sign up.
  13. If they do a hunt under the summer then it would probably be a flower hunt it would be fun tho
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    Could you please extend it few days more and allow more than 24xtl per day?thks
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    Add a sale on seals pretty please 
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    50% isn't enough for you know you want to have lower price on seals :|

    Stop being so ******* greedy and selfish and just accept devs have gave you extra gold for you eb noob
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    Devs will u b releasing new lands this summer or did t6 lv4 n 5 take care of that. Just curious cause this is abt that time u usually do it plus this is kind of promo that would lead it