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    Bet devs crashed his Ferrari last night
  2. Fuckin hell how much more can they squeeze out of this bird? HTE has already made noobs to big, these fuckers are running around like baby Huey... Big and dumb! Soon there will be no more skill left in kaw just big stupid ass accounts... Thanks HTE
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    Anyway we could get triple plunder on off system pvp hits?
  4. HTE says you're welcome<3
  5. Wheres the promo for pvp? :|
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    First the seal drops then the horn drops then this 50% more plunder wow I'm lucky :p
  7. Thanks a lot,how about making promo every month once atleaat hehe
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    Thanks to this promo I'm somehow stuck in a clan with ironmaiden246 because this clan promised 4ffa hte after fod I can't bring myself to leave no matter how bad the conditions are
  9. Worth it "alison". Totally worth it.
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    It's not worth it not at all the fod is so slow after a great start to it.
  11. Now that youve announced the free hte here in forums, i imagine that clan will fill quickly.
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    The developers use this promo to boost seal sales. This would explain why they come out when try do. NO SUPPORT!!!! (Thid was originally introduced as a promo, that is HTE AN ROTWB.
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    Warning...... Your balance is low. 
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    One Ferrari coming right up!
  15. Come on and support guys! Devs need to buy gas for their Ferraris and fuel for their yachts! ^^
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    I left tht clan already also they won't accept any join requests :) so go on try to join them
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    Weren't HTE and ROTWB supposed to be limited ?
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    Notice it doesn't say limited time in the description anymore.
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    Anyone wanna join me in farming HTE clans? They ruin the game.
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    Devs would disagree with terra