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  1. I made myself look dumb on first damn page, it happens.

    I was only trying to help so devs would vk like they been promising.
  2. It would be great to see these special limited time 50% more gold promos on various FREE / NORMAL ebs... like last summer..... that was alot of fun and helped all levels of KAW players.

    Let's get off the HTE bandwagon for once. Not everyone wants to merc out or drop cash...
  3. Kaw_com, could you do us, as the community you represent, a favor and free creative from his/her shackles? Put up a cardboard cutout of them to trick your employers(captors).
  4. Re: [PROMO] HTE

    Wow pinky. You're so helpful. U the best.

    Pinky helps me every day. Pinky is numa won.

    Go pinky Fo VK. HTE and ROTW 50% bonus gold cuz pinky numa won.
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    Debs since you need cash I vote to increase daily xtal limit for us
  6. Lmao jac, ty fo da support although its not needed. I even said "duh" im sho gonna get it
  7. Support
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    I also support radagast post
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    Yay I have 2 seals left
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    they just want money... Devs should make it 6x gold
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    If it was 6x gold I would leave WiG because of my inner eb noob
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    Looks good, getting 262m a hit!
  13. Maybe this is to help the SH grow which will fix EE wars which will stop the complaining...or maybe a dev's wife has a birthday coming up & she want a different coloured Ferrari
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    My bday is today. This is like the perfect bday gift haha thanks devs.
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    Wc is filled with the post "looking for a free HTE clan"
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    End of the quarter window dressing on earnings for investors. ;-)
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    I think devs did this 50% so that we run out of seals before hunt event
  18. Thanks devs :)
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    They did this promo because when the egg hunt started no one wanted another event. Everyone wanted the 2-3x cash Ebs and here they are