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  1. The end is near.... Two mins to go...
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    If your eb already started before 11:59pm, you have this last eb. TIME TO MAX XTAL!!!!
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    GREAT! They extended it for another 6 hours!!!!
  4. Told you they would, they always do...
  5. How do you know its extended?
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    They havnt said that have they?
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    Lol he's lying..

    It's another 8hours
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    I just got some fiendish fangs :lol: :roll: no
  9. Why not make this a monthly thing on weekend's of the end of month ") gold making is very slow without it and hf is a b@!#$
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    No we are lucky enough to have hte( was suppose to be limited) and if you can't make gold off that then you should just quit kaw. Reset and delete the app
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