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    Please extend it
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    Support for extension!! Do it until the end of he World Cup or something lol
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    OMG should I make a thread about it :lol:
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    They need to do the 2x drops too
  5. Let's make HTE drop 500 miths, do minimum 1t per hit, make seals at 1 nob, 900 xtals per seals bought and also triple the health point of every bar. Oh yea, I would like to have 1000% instead of 100%. Thanks.
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    Lets all post the most sarcastic things we can think of so we can look kool
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    What if the devs actually listen to the sarcasm 0.0
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    It would certainly explain the direction of the game over the last 3 years....

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    Could you just extend it for 12-24 hrs much appreciated
  10. Seems like this is where the action is...

    Devs scored some dollars. Nice
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    I suggest Devs recruit all of you in their marketing team!

    You get paid for any idea that fill devs pockets, good or bad, players spend
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    What more? Suggest a horrible idea that can't work? No problem. Devs will just implement it and create endless fixes for it!

    Just like EE. Might take months and even no solution yet, no problem!!! As long as you keep your ideas coming and more fixes! We will never get bored! Yay!

    Release new EBs every week woohoo. Creative team can't cope? No problem. Open new lands. New buildings. What??? No time to do that? No problem again. All buildings may be upgradable to level 10 or 99 for that matter.

  13. Extension? I just got paid and would like to repay my clannies.
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    Thank you devies! :D
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    Not trying to be a ingrate but hey I've forked out some$$ guys extend it wè both win. TY
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    What's the point of a xtal limit? Does it ease he devs conscience? 
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    If the HTE starts before midnight PST is it subject to the 50% bonus throughout?
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    Yes it is as long as initiated before 11:59