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  1. U know I think if seals were 50% off during promo you would have A LOT more people buying seals
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    But there would be leftover ones not used during event people would complain about having not gotten to use it during event
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    And if they made a special seal half of that gives 50% plunder boost people would complain about already having purchased the other regular seal of damned so no matter what people would complain
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    Basically what I'm saying is stop complaining over getting a good thing.
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    How long till it ends?
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    11 hours 5 minutes
  7. How long till they either announce prolonging of the promo it the next event??
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    Lets see an extension devs. U know you want too. Don't make me come throw eggs at your windows. I work in Vancouver too
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    10 hours 53 minutes
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    There should be a spell u can cast with nobs that gives the player a plunder bonus on any eb
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    thats actually a good idea killer
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    Give us an extra 24 xtal limit debs I'm not don't upgrading yet
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    Ya debs, and make me a sammich while you do that
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    Now killer lets not get greedy  people would be running it non stop in hte clans
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    That grammar though. 
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    Extend it for one more day and I'll buy more seals? :p
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    How much time left guys