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  1. From now until 11:59PM PDT on June 26th earn 50% bonus plunder from Haunting: The Escape & Revenge of the Warbeasts.

    Note: This will only affect Epic Battles started from this point forward. EB's currently in progress will receive regular payout.
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  4. No! I just wasted my money on my graduation dress D:
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    ? I just completed on and I don't see this bonus. Goons have to strip the mods for it
  6. Sweet, u iz awsum
  7. Its not theb26th yet froggie
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    Figures 
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    Need cash brah?
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    Devs want more money

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    Thanks admin.. Make me feel good
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    I got 19 seals and no use for them anyway
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    Yay more gold for 2 days
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    Does this count for already started ones?
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    Yay thank you devs just what I wanted. I love 50% more plunder hte lol .. Woohoo spam time
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    No I don't think so Jon.
  17. so what now?
    going to be re-releasing new pots tomorrow?
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    How about you tell us when it'll be removed?
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    Is this to distract us from ASW achievments?