[PROMO] HTE Promo & New HTE Bar!

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  1. 24hr HTE Promo

    Earn 50% more plunder from Haunting: The Escape from now until 12:00PM PDT on Saturday, June 18th.

    Note: This will apply to Epic Battles started from this point forward.

    New Optional Bar

    We're also introducing a new optional bar that will be available FOR THE DURATION OF THE WEEKEND. (Until 12PM PDT on Monday):

    Skeletal Horde
    The rift to the Nether Plane reopens. A massive skeletal horde charges at your forces.

    Note: This new bar is optional meaning it is not required to be completed in order to complete the Epic Battle. After completing the Reanimated Corpses bar, you can choose to attack the Skeletal Horde bar or attack the main health bar (Seal of the Dead) to finish the EB.
  2. Hopefully this additional bar that's from this promo can be added full time :p
  3. Pshhh nahhh
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    We all called it.
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    Ugh weak 
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    Make it all weekend 
  8. 
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    Seriously is that it lmfao
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    Crystal limit ?
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    Could have been so much more fun...
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    Prob only capped at 24-47 :/
  14. Why only 24h, pls
  15. Remove the xtal limit plizz
  16. Why take it off for so long... Fail
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    New bar that no one will hit
  18. Please no, enough gold in kaw already
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    Remove xtal cap plz