[PROMO] Free Nobility Offer Wall 2x Rewards REDUX

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  1. You know the deal! For the limited duration all offers from the Nobility Offer Wall will pay double!

    In case you do not know what the offer wall is, click HERE to check out our previous forum post about it.



    Offers MUST have been STARTED between Tuesday, December 24, 2019 at 12pm (PST) and Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at 12pm (PST). No exceptions.
  2. Oh man aren’t we so lucky
  3. What does this have to do with a Christmas Promo.. devs give us real promo Sale or free seals, horns, the drop rate is already very rare...

    Thx Merry Xmas to all
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  4. No free offers offered ... thanks 👎
  5. Love the game and been playing for years now great app and upgrades 🤘
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  6. Can we get a 50% or 100% promo pls with battle cry half price
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  7. Where do i click😒
  8. This crap nothing but offers where you have to pay for a service...that this option crap away...don’t even offer it.
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  9. I’m gunna echo what everyone else is saying. I appreciate the gesture, but if I wanted to spend money to get nobility, I would just buy it directly. Would be safer too, some of these offers are kinda sketch.
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  10. Can you fix marketplace. Land tokens still not showing
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  11. Thanks for the 2x nobility offer but all of mine require payment of some sort. I haven’t had a “free” nobility offer in ages! What about a half price nob sale? Merry Christmas!🎄
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  12. No offers are showing for me. Just says no offers available!
  13. Thanks devs! Merry Christmas to you guys.
  14. Apple device offers are not as good as android offers. I recommend logging in on a cheap dollar store android device for this promotion.
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  15. hi pppb . a