PROMO: 50% Bonus Plunder from HTE, RotWB, and ZTA!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by ATABruce, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Earn 50% more plunder from HTE, RotWB, and ZTA Epic Battles started between now and Noon PST on Monday, October 16th!

    Oh! And no Xtal limit during the promo!

  2. Thanks! No more NK?
  3. It's not gone forever.
  4. Are you sure though...
  5. So is there going to be NK this weekend?
  6. ATA loves being money hungry but wont allow netherking this weekend.
  7. Are xtals locked or unlocked?
  8. There was only one NK weekend during the last event as well, if I recall correctly... Or was it the event before last?
  9. Going nowhere, 50% faster.
  10. Xstal locked or not ?
  11. He’s a complicated man, but no one understands him but his woman...
  12. Just make nk 50% as well ud be winning all the way around!, cmon devs I was tryna do 72 hr bc event!
  13. I vote bring nk back, who cares bout 50% hte it's all about the legend items...
  14. If y'all let unlimited xtals I'll drop 300 rn
  15. Cause the imposter asked, i hope xtals stay limited
  16. Its unlimited I dropped over 7 last Eb

  17. Not locked! Updated the main post for my boy joker.