[PROMO] 2x Nobility Offers

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Rogers, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. A waste of precious kaw dev resources. Givr 75% eb promo instead
  2. Must be nice, which offer is that? Mine still say make a purchase. I wish I was a "trust fund baby".
  3. Hulu
  4. Just remove this feature
  5. What happens if we complete the offer within the timeframe that you provided but don't received the nobs from fyber within that time? Do we lose the 2x offer?
  6. You just need to start the offer (x2) before the promo ends
  7. Wasted money and got nothing in return. Useless offer unless u go for the super low teir offers. None of the big ones have payed out for me. Maybe I'll get them sometime this year.
  8. If you follow the directions and do all of it in one sitting, they pay out. I got a fat stack of nobs for $20
  9. Thank you I enjoyed the promotion(s) opportunities and playing games plus receiving nobility points for my participation
  10. it was really irritating but same got like 700 nobs for $20
  11. I did a math quiz that was like 50 questions and didn’t get the credits :( I reported it to them and they said I needed to provide a screenshot to prove I completed it. But I didn’t take one. And there’s no option to re-take it as it says I already completed it. So they said they won’t give me the credits. So I did it for nothing :(
  12. Some of us completed many of these offers prior to the promo so we had very little to choose from to take advantage of the promo, another poor throughout release by devs
  13. Soo. I have one offer. I need to spend about $100 to get a sleep aid so I can get 275 nobs. Nice work devs. I know you take a grilling on updates and events and stuff. But honestly this is the worst thing ever. Basically those with more that show up can gets nobs cheaper than those of us that don’t. You are creating more of a gap between users with this.
  14. 
  15. Did a $50 offer, emailed support with screenshots when I didn’t receive the reward, they then replied that I’d receive my reward promptly... that was 4 days ago. Thanks for fostering fiberscam :)
  16. And no more offers after that....
  17. Fantastic