[PROMO] 2x Nobility Offers

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Rogers, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. There will be promo tomorrow to last until the event is over. Relax everyone you will be spending more tomorrow
  2. It seems ATA is interested in making players pay more to them . No promo = players spend more money to get less gold = More $$ to ATA . Not a good idea considering it requires 340Q to BC and stats increase from lvl 8-10 is very low compared to the gold used .

    Please look into your customer's demand incase you still want US to spend money on the game.
  3. Omg really what a bunch of crap. My offer wall they say must purchase. Ya that's not free
  4. So I did an offer (the EBates one) and didnt receive my nobs. Emailed these guys you told me to. They sent an automatic response telling me to go into the offers section and click a non existant contact support button there to file anything. Also I wont be able to click the report an issue button on the EBates offer until 5 days have passed which is after the promo. So, as devs, how do you propose I fix this?
  5. What a joke.
  6. Free offer to you fyber pay ATA
  7. This is amazing offer idk what all u losers crying about. I just got 500 nobs for $6???? Quit crying and be grateful. its not for all u trust fund babies
  8. I have no offers available.
    So I guess thanks for nothing, mates. 
  9. Hi devs love u all. keep ya chin up dont listen to these haters. Like anyone is gonna boycott spending anyways
  10. If u don't have free offer use VPN
    Change ip to USA or different country. Restart kaw
    Enjoy other offers
    Anyway promo súks.
  11. tx buddy, it works
  12. Thank you, Czarno. :)
  13. This
  14. Nope
  15. Seems like by popular demand (and those wanting to spend money) that the promo should be given to us as per history shows you guys give what majority asks.
  16. Delete this kid, let the grown ups decide
  17. Promo next weekend or riot
  18. Promo May 4th and 5th please.
  19. As a consolation prize, I am personally rewarding all of clan resilience and its allies to run through my newsfeed as much as possible. This deal is valid until otherwise rescinded. Enjoy your KaW, fella.