[PROMO] 2x Nobility Offers

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Rogers, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. No not to spend... but i do during events to gain a little extra play time and fun. I enjoy kaw . And have already put itunes $ on account for the event

    So toped up and burning a hole. Was going to make a weekend of it this weekend.....like many who evjoy the game were.

    Just saying without promotion this Easter like usual it wont get spent. Was more telling the devs here that they will lose players and money with silly stuff like this. I play a war game to make the enemy cry. Wars need funding . Yeah u can hit now and then for free. But u want the enemy to cry u need to xtal ect. That requires soending.
  2. Not even a free nobs option for me in the oracle
  3. Its stupid. that wall offer been round for ages no 1 Cares to sit there for a hour on some other app to get a few silly noob...that are not worth to use Until A Promotion plunder boost Weekend . And Is The XTAL Limit Still On this Weekend ?
  4. Where is premium eb promo? This sucks butt
  5. I wouldn't call it an offer if I'm having to spend money on them just to get nobs, waste of time
  6. I’m usually a fan of sucking ass but this ass has  in it
  7. Lmao ata dont respond
  8. ATA who? Where is Winston? Did Charlie put you up to this?
  9. Lol Yeah they stoped responding after he said”The People wanted this promo” And so far iv seen not 1 that likes it lol. Many been preparing for the plunder boost this W/E. Whoever did this should be fired 
  10. Requesting at least to lift xtal limit for Weekend.........
  11. This is such a huge backlash there is the update :(
  12. Where's the plunder promo devs?
  13. There are only two offers for me, one is to buy some bedding and the other is to buy an iPhone
  14. Thank you devs for giving us something
  15. Seriously Devs, wtf?

    We want our promo for 50-100% on ebs like each Easter

    I seriously don’t understand why there is no set program that players are alerted to of when promos are happening. The only one we know that is coming is Black Friday each year and many of us ensure we have time to blow our crystals during it. It’s smart business I’d suggest but what would I know, my business turns over 7 x more than yours!

    And while I’m giving out lessons, seriously, a new event that does not use seals or circles. Last year you gave us several events that required circles. I for one usually don’t buy circles but did to help our clan and we have not yet seen this event, why not? Why a new one. Stop being greedy and stick to a formula. I don’t mind change but let people know it is coming

    Finally, why don’t you explain what you need to do in events in the event post. It is really annoying that you don’t stop being clowns and start documenting everything like a business!
  16. Way to make an entrance Roger. Now you see why they let you post this.
  17. I’m confused (Scratching my head). Why would you promote free stuff? I wonder how much you make from marketing the product or services. Must be substantial enough to direct players to the third party.

    I agree with all the comments. Roger get it together and give us a promo. KaW has been consistent with their promos enough to where we can schedule our life’s to participate.

    I for one am disappointed that you are pushing people to spend money with third party vendors so you can get paid from marketing their products.

    Roger-the community deserves a response from you. Stop hiding and show some respect to the players by responding. Or did you just come up with this horrible idea so you can take work off early for the US holiday?
  18. Ata roger is busy on pimd leave a message and will get back to you asap 
  19. We want 50 - 100% promo and xtal lifted. This is not what we want. Wall offers seriously? @Roger its Easter please bring 50 to 100% eb plunder bonus and xtal unlimited....
  20. Please bring us the plunder bonus promo.