[PROMO] 2x Nobility Offers

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Rogers, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. My nob wall has been empty for 2 months
  2. I support 75% eb plunder promo.
  3. Save KAW PVP..... gold take around 0.09%
    Can this be true?

    0.09% is around the amount it take to steal a round 100%. I know aura thing cut it in half.

    Do you have any plans on making PVP more hard core at the moment.
  4. :lol:
  5. Will there be NK?
  6. Support, as long as my wife forgives me.....
  7. On android you can play games for nobs on idevice you have to subscribe and or buy random crap. So in my opinion this offer is garbage unless on android.
  8. Since we're not getting a real promo would be too much to ask to have some glitches fixed or have some updates made that we've been asking for?
  9. Not all true. Some android ones are same.
  10. I've done a tonne of these and the past 4 have taken over a week to come through after verification etc etc. Very disappointed.
  11. Tbh the rest of the comments say enough.

    Fully support imp's idea.

    Worst offer in the history of ATA? Definitely in the top 3 if I'm forgetting other ones
  12. Let the fairy learn.

    Hi Roger welcome to ATA.

    Save KAW PVP.....

    Boost gold take %
  13. Worst. Promo. Ever.
  14. LOL literally everyone hates this. Devs listen to community for once asking for a promo for once 
  15. Wow this has to be A joke ... April Fools? Where is the incresed plunder weekend. No 1 cares for this silly idea whatever it is ATA. Every year you do plunder Promotions for Easter... we stock up for it as its to be expected. Now no plunder boost first planned event since Added New Lands? Silly silly promotion is a nice way to put it......
  16. This is an unfortunate start to your life as community manager. Rip you
  17. LOL
  18. This is So silly i feel like there is no promo this weekend at all. Not only that...its not even worth useing all trhe Xtals And seals every 1 stocked up on for the weekend ill be useing my back up cash on other app promotions if its not fixed
  19. You play a war game. To go pimd n spend ur money there.