[PROMO] 2x Nobility Offers

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    No need to go on an Easter egg hunt for this deal. You know what's good. The 2X OFFER WALL promo will be here for the Easter long weekend!

    In case you do not know what the Offer Wall is, click here to check out our previous forum post about it.

    ***If you cannot access the Offer Wall button, please look at your in-game Settings to see if your "Use Mobile Data" option is enabled? If not, please enable it and you should have access to the Offer Wall. If you are seeing "No Offers Available", it means that there are no offers in your area at the moment. Not to worry. New offers will pop up from time to time. Please check back often!***


    Promo start date: Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 12PM (PDT)
    Promo end date: Monday, April 22, 2019 @ 12PM (PDT)

    - 2x offers ARE NOT RETROACTIVE, so if you started your offer before the start date, your offer will not reward 2x.
    - 2x offers that were started BEFORE THE END DATE will still be eligible for 2x rewards so long as it is completed within the allotted time of the offer itself.
    - ***Should you have questions about the offers themselves, please contact the providers directly: https://developer.fyber.com/support/
    - ***Should any offers not pay out immediately, please give the providers some time to verify completion of your offer. If and when the "Report" button becomes available beside your pending offer, feel free to report the offer if you have not received your rewards, or received the incorrect amount of rewards.
  2. Wow no one will do this . Didn’t know it was April fools
  3. April fools
  4. That's has got to be a joke
  5. How incredibly disappointing!! My offer wall doesn’t even work.
  6. April fools
  7. April fools?
  8. April fools
  9. So you want me to spend money with someone else to give me nobs? Why not just put nobs on offer?
  10. Seriously ??? What will we do with x2 nob offer ? All the big spenders have banked in nobs/xtals waiting for promo and u give a stupid nob offer . I know some college kid spending $2500 on nobs/xtals to gain gold . You all shattered his dreams , not to mention all those lbs (including me) whom you have disappointed . Please give us the 75% eb plunder promo . Ty
  11. Same @lb ^
  13. This... this did not go well...
  14. Meh its okais ... just add the 100% plunder bonus u will make alot of peeps happy ... prehaps thats why TNK is not on they are still setting it up
  15. You are dumb as hell.
  16. Biggest issue with these 2x nob offers is they are roughly the same ones each time around. Only so many you can do/are even worth doing.
  17. This is absolutely ridiculous. People have been counting on the same promo that we have received in previous years.

    The same promo that makes us spend more money on nobility and xtals, no less....? Very confusingly bad business decision. When you have customers who want to give you money, you don’t turn them away...
  18. Couldn't have said it better
  19. 