[PROMO] 2x HTE Payout

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, May 6, 2016.

  1. Will the promotion include unlimited usage of xtals? The current cap seems rather silly..is there a rationale for it?
  2. Either unlimited xtals or extend a day or two...both would be asking too much maybe.
  3. Why payout reduced all of a sudden?
  4. No need to spend a penny anymore
  5. Be nice and make 2x payout all EBs, PVP hits.
  6. Devs I made a train for Sunday...extend the 2x promo...till Monday at 12pm.

    1 day is bull
  7. My feeling exactly I have one for sat that might be cancelled to do 24 xtal one tonight....which if they extend it tommorow is gonna tick me and a bunch of others off
  8. Release the xstal cap!
  9. Lift xtal limit. Pls
  10. Extend or take xtal cap away
  11. Support. You've extended a 1-day HtE promo in the past due to feedback, so why not this time as well? :D
  12. Money comes,money goes!What if I'm broke how to compete with deep pocket like this.it's not the game anymore.
  13. What time does it end in GMT?
  14. Update; Regen Limit is removed until 12PM PDT on Saturday May 7th as well
  15. How about xstal caps per eb?
  16. You should have in WC main banner total of money raised for Mac community please
  17. Xtals per EB always stays capped at 6 when devs allow unlimited xtals. It's only unlimited overall until the promo ends.