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  1. trex trekted meme coming up 

  2. Kas has a stalker Kas has a stalker Kas has a stalker
  3. Yeah I'm outside his house right now. He's taller than I expected.

  4. Yes Lady K is very popular with the boys ...bob, ashton, & many other gay men are in love with him. He has almost as many male suitors as I do KAW wives. 
  5. ...hmmm now I gotta go find a toy store that has a plastic trex with bendable bottom lip and also carries plastic toy piggie with top hat 
  6. Hey! I'm a gay lady, thank you.
  7. Alright Toad, for the 50th time. My name isn't Lady K, I am male. You only counted two people and they are friends of mine.

    Having KaW wives is really pathetic. What's worse is, who would want to be married to you?

    Also my preference is women. You trying to humiliate me by demasculinating me, changing my sexuality etc.

    It's getting a little much.

    Really, you have too much time on your hands.
  8. lies

    Your mother (her poo is delicious by the way) ...& every other female in your family (immediate & extended)

    ...more lies 
  9. Not lies and my family has nothing to do with any of this.

    More importantly, how dare you speak about people's families.

    I've never once talked about your delicious sister, or how your nan is my pretty little princess
  10. ...probably all the males too 

  11. ...they don’t prefer you, that’s for sure lol
  12. That's funny, Todd.

    You're one to talk.

    Whenever you try and talk to women on KaW, all I see is you call them catfishes and then they avoid you.

  13. Let me try get this “back on topic” before it gets derailed n closed


    "n" sinz ur 1 o' dem speshul folk. Ima dum it down ways 4 ya

    I'm quoting that dead damn daniel meme.

    It's a special type of irony, a type of irony that you probs wouldn't understand.
  15. Why do you keep posting this? It wasn’t funny the first time
  16. You’re right, it wasn’t funny the first time. It was hilarious 
  17. ...yes it was

    And still is. It’s literally pure genius. Let me explain ...As you’ll observe the trex is a plastic toy with the bottom lip bent inward this would imply that lady kathama (the trex of course) has a lisp. You’ll also notice that kasama is spelled “Kathama” further implicating the afore mentioned speech impediment. The “T-Rekt” would further imply a speech dysfunction and most likely an extremely low IQ & a high probability for a “drool factor” from the subject at hand