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  1. I would be more than willing to open -DeVaSt4TioN- back up for EE if there was enough interest in EE going forward.

    Support 
  2. it would be great to find any clan for primal and not just doing indi wars all the time
  3. Support!!
  4. If there were non stacked rosters out there Silver would do most of them. Unfortunately the only people that consistently cast for war are way over stacked hansel rosters.

    Even sub-par WC win most wars when they have terribly stacked rosters
  5. This is a key thing that wars are missing, there is a huge lacking in war commanders, no one learns because no one teaches them. Trackers are easy to teach, hell there's apps for it now. So maybe someone can teach some already experienced grunts how to war command so we have more than the same 4 clans warring primals
  7. Sorry to put my post out of order there. I device ugh. Respect to those kotfe warriors.
  8. Support I'm in Bear if u need me
  9. What is lacking is EE war clans r not readily available for ppl to find n the means to roster easily. My experience when I'm a merc warrior far too often its unorganized without a WC/Tr n SS for example. I usually go apply at established war clans when i choose to do Primals for those very reasons.

    An EE merc warboard in forums would help centralize those who r EE clanless. I've suggested such a forum before but it gets buried easily n redundant threads r the result.

    Idk what the best solution is other than ppl continue trying to establish a healthy list of reliable war builds n go from there. Off season rewards r just fine as is.

    State war clan requirements for acceptance
    Find ppl willing to war for sake of war n not rewards n EE is better served. Whether ppl like it or not clan wars r not IWar where any build is acceptable. It takes much time to accumulate ppl for Primal Wars n build a core.
  10. go enjoy some indis :p
  11. Support to u my friend I'm willing to war if u need me
  12. Enjoy n Indis in the same sentence some would argue is an oxymoron. 
  13. Only enjoyment from IWars r if all warriors on both r there to compete win or lose. Anything less makes IWar no better than any other format or even worse.
  14. They need to make minimum cs requirements to cast for primal. Just casting sh to drop cs isn't helping these primal wars. Also give us the ability to choose a cs determined bracket. Not every clan is going to have bc accounts. This would allow for clans to work soley on staying in one bracket, and to use mids in war. It really sucks when you cast 450 mil cs for the war and you match up with 750 mil cs clan. These two things alone would allow for more clans to want to war. Mith payout in primal is decent it could be better lol. Btw 90% of the people who play this game are mids 
  15. Promote growth 
  16. I'm so disappointed on indi war,, just now we have somebody spamming cc n sold the war from the beginning,, he's telling ppl on cc he won ,, what happened to ppl lose their ee n full castes mithrils,, hope you devs can sort out this kind of problems,,
  17. Mis-matches putting people of warring rather than who they face. Any good WC just wants a fair war not a lop-sided no chance in hell war

    Personally i think Primals should have hit restrictions turned ON so stacking is eliminated - and people forced to war more in brackets. no bfa to exploit hit reach so makes sense to put restrictions on
  18. You need wallet warriors bro