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  1. With all the many gay who play this game would be nice if devs changed colour of mod from green to rainbow colour permanently.

    50% of you are gay. Pls show your support. :)
  2. support
  3. Support. Im sucking dick as i type this out
  4. Doesn’t exactly promote equality does it?

    Nothing wrong with the current colour

    And maybe try identifying as yourself rather than who you’re attracted to? Eliminates many problems
  5. I have a PhD in psychology. You're either suppressing something or ashamed. I pity u
  6. Or I don’t see any reason why being straight/gay/bi/trans/goat herder has anything to do with a game.

    Mod colour is neutral and shows exactly who the mods are. Literally zero reason to change it to any other colour
  7. Bigot
  8.  there it is, the answer to everything that doesn’t benefit you

    Ok, well some of the playerbase aren’t white so should we change the colour in support of all these people?
    Some of the playerbase are women so change for them?
    People in their 20’s?

    I mean they have as much right to have their own colour right?

    Like I said kid, current colour is neutral and serves its purpose

    It’s all about that equality
  9. Can I have leopard print..
  10. Full Support.
  11. The best is when you make a decent point and they retaliate with bigot
  12. This is a pretty good point... you bigot
  13. I have straight pride so can it be changed to brown ty
  14. Yeah I’ll and take Zebra print. Since we can just ask for things now
  15. 50%!? How dare you!? ...

    It's at least 96%.