pride month

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  1. Hi forumers

    Remember when there used to be events in this game? Collecting moths and what not? Do they still do that (who knows)

    Anyways, I think there should be a pride month event

    Post your ideas for celebrating pride below!!

    I’ll start:
    - strip farm me
    - join KOTFE
  2. Oh, you’re back? Yay.
  3. I’m celebrating Pride month by smoking lots of weed.

    Shoutout to the other Pansexual KaW players out their.
  4. “Remember when there used to be events”

    There’s always events going on now. Bloodstained cloth shattered gladius etc.
  5. No, those are legends
  6. I think straight people should get a special pride month also!! And instead of rainbows we can have stuff like pictures of the boarding of Noah's ark!!

  7. Why did you say “We” when talking about straight people 
  8. You don't have to have an LGBTQ identity to be a part of the "we" who celebrate pride month. If there was a formal straight pride month, anyone who supported the straight identity could help celebrate ;)

  9. It's not the same thing. The purpose of the pride month is to help society accept the lifestyle and be more open to inclusion, more than celebrating that lifestyle.
    Anyone could celebrate a straight way of life indeed, but I want a whole month of publicity and attraction also so I can feel better about being straight in a society where it's cool to be offended about something.
  10. I have nothing against Pride, but if we were going to have a special event for something related to RL I would rather it be in support of a city, nation, etc. that has been affected by some sort of natural disaster or catastrophe and financial aid is required. Maybe a % of purchases during a specific event going towards a disaster relief fund for example. It has been a while since I’ve seen something like this.

    Just an example: The Humboldt Broncos hoceky team in Saskatchewan. I figured a nightmare of this magnitude really hitting home for all Canadians would have encouraged ATA to throw some kind of fundraiser together for the families affected, especially since ATA is Canadian based.

    As I said, nothing against Pride. I just feel there are much more important matters that could be brought to light in what is supposed to be a “neutral” game.
  11. Point noted. But importance is subjective, and if you were as concerned as you write on this thread my question would then be, why post passionately on a thread that is it's own seperate topic and not create a different thread that reflects that incident where all posts are related to that?

    The forums are open to all topics and subjects and as such, posting as you did on this thread is cynical. If you want to be proactive about the tragedy then do so.....on another thread. (When has this game ever been neutral? it's the internet and most opinionated place to be lol)

    Edited to say I know you meant to be on topic with a tragedy event, but that is not the type of thing one "celebrates" as this thread was looking for. And also the OP was being a little facetious with the ideas also:)
  12. LGBTQ =

  13. My newsfeed is open.
  14. You do have a special straight pride month. It's the other 11 months of the year.

  15. How insightful... I suppose every month that isn't February celebrates white history month?

    Yeah, that sounds pretty stupid also. Just because you aren't celebrating a certain thing doesn't mean the opposite thing IS being you think pride stops at the end of the month? keeps on going and going. The special month is just where it stands out and gets spotlight.

    So woulda used "right as Raine" but... lol
  16. I am offended Whos still straight in 2018 c'mon!