Prestige Leaderboard

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Cobra, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Can we bring back the prestige leaderboard for clans please... I don't think this would be that hard.

    I put in 3 hours making this thread so don't hate.
  2. Yes pls.
  4. This was so unnecessary...
  5. Size 10 is it? Way too large. My last thread had an entire section in size one and nobody noticed it
    See size one is super small nobody notices a thing
    Though to be fair, nobody noticed the actual thread either...
  6. It's broken.

    Just like the devs
  7. Why'd ya have to read this? .
  8. Im really, REALLY bored
  9. Oh and on topic now - yes @ OP, or at least some way to track clan progress in S6

  10. Actually, I can read size one very well from this device, :lol:.
  12. Size 1 isn't really hard to read...
  13. Size 25
  15. Size one doesn't show up at all on an iPhone.

    If I bypass in size one, does it really don't as bypass? I can't even see it.
  16. Yes, it still does
  17. No it doesn't
  18. It's not broken...
  19. I was answering his second comment