Prepare to Enter the Abyss!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. when is new pots gonna come
  2. It's past 2pm - something should appear soon :p
  3. And two hrs to go to 4pm PST.. Assuming ATA can keep their deadline...
  4. hopefully soon
  5. We're getting ready to get things started, but it's going to take a while. We'll let you know once lands are open for everyone :)
  6. Ok kiddies hold ur horsies n wait like we all have to lol
  7. Why thank you
  8. Inb4 lvl 4 castle
  9. Thats a possibility
  10. Translation: we are beginning to prepare for the beginning of preperation
  11. Update coming today still?
  12. I got the lands
  13. New lands are out should get achievement if you have enough HF lands. Then restart app and they appear. Well that's what happened to me
  14. = bbl going out too lunch
  15. We're starting to get the new lands rolled out but it will take a bit of time for everyone to see them. Hang tight and we'll let you know as soon as they're out for everyone!

  16. = just ordered lunch, won't be long
  17. I built a new spy defense tower. Gives 200k spy defense. Costs 90b
  18. You're planning to share right?
  19. Devs have a sense of hunor