premium is another word for expensive

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  1. An obvious troll.

    See I purposely failed to mention, the periods where I have stepped away from the game for months at a time, just to see your response. Thanks for letting us all know, keep trolling :D
  2. So much ranting.

  3. No. Stop being a noob
  4. Thankyou all for your comments my questions have been answered curiosity squashed discussion over ******
  5. So instead of competing and finding a way to win,here you are wasting time in forums.
  6. This discussion is now over thankyou for your useless comment which addressed none of the matters being discussed
  7. Close this already
  8. Premium ebs are for those who have no other available for them that could possibly pay better. You, on the other hand, still need to graduate from warbeast Mr 348 battle wins
  9. There's not many modern video games where free to play means that there are no options to spend extra. Kaw is pretty good overall
  10. Op, kaw is pay to win u can grow using alternative ebs ive been playing on various accts for about 5 years now since early days of kaw. Its always been u pay more u grow faster. Thats why kaw is one of the top grossing apps on the market. Trust me keep playing do small ebs work ur way up n ull understand the community and love this game