Pots and Spells. Upgrades

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  1. It'll make this whiny little gurl cry some more. #Justified
  2. Little? Guess you have a main bigger than me. Maybe Nightmare_machine given the premature assumptions you are making.
  3. You'd know all about premature. Funny you didn't deny being a whiny crying gurl tho haha. Send my love to Stoirin you've taken over from her as clan crier. Keep up the good work.
  4. You are as short on insight as you are on on-topic points. Make one or do one.

    Off-topic I'll pass on your best wishes to Stoirin
  5. Support. Thoughtful as always Adonis.
  6. Stay on topic guys. Thank you for the support all who have. I don't object to BobbleZ's comments, he's entitled to his opinion that's fine by me. And I agree justification is a good thing. To pick up on a few things he said though. Quests served a very specific purpose in the game and gave away free stuff, in fact I hear rarely they still drop stuff even after you've completed them but there would be no point in new quests at this point in the game, unless anyone can think of a good reason to create new quests?. The castle upgrade is interesting. It's long long overdue, but I'd say this, unless an upgrade serves a purpose of unlocking a new ability then again what would be the point? Just another small static stat increase? Doesn't sound like it would be worth it to me.

    I understand that the Devs are busy but pots are used every single day. Most small/mid game accounts use them to hit ebs, and everyone likes hitting the bigger ebs, most bigs use them during wars and in osw. Def pots are used even more constantly and throughout the game.

    I didn't create this forum post with all the answers as this subject needs thought out, But even if the Devs did release a load of new att and def pots available to all at the same price I don't agree with Bobble that they would cancel each other out completely . They would in most osw scenarios. But they would give certain builds advantages in certain situations. Smaller accounts being able to hit bigger ebs being just one example.
    That's why I'm interested in the kawmunities ideas. I think we need new pots and spells but the Devs need to think of tiers/structure/stats/cost when releasing them. If they can't for whatever reason then that's why we are here to help.
    So imagine you were releasing new pots and mith BobbleZ how would you do it? And please don't just say we don't need them.
  7. Support. Atk and def pots do not cancel each other out as they will not have the same variables just like usual .
  8. Bump. Grant? Mario? Anyoneeeeee. Plse let us know if any pot or spell upgrades are anywhere on your roadmap. Some feedback of any kind would be great. Any of the rather beautiful (word on the street is KaW Dev females are HOT HOT HOT!!!!) female Devs on? If so. How youuuuuuu doooooiiiiiinnnnn
  9. I support, full pots on goth I still fail sometimes, and that's with moth cast as well. I know they should be hard to hit as it's a big eb, but you're correct in saying that stats are so huge it's a necessity. Earlier comment was right in that that would bring bigger defense which would cause them to cancel out, but that's always been the case.
  10. Disappointing to hear nothing at all from the Devs. Pretty sure there were new Devs added to the forum community to help develop ideas and discussion...
    Come on guys let's hear from you
  11. Meh. New pots or spells not worth it. For it to be worthwhile theyll cost 1b each pot. Just scrap spells and pots altogether
  12. Gotta say I'm really disappointed not to get any reply at all from any of the Dev team
    Poor show guys n gals
    Icey out