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  1. Well hello KaWmunity and Devs,
    My posts usually cut off or don't work well but I promised myself I'd give it another go, as we really deserve this to be looked at I think. So here goes nothing.
    Some of you will remember a while ago the Devs introduced new more powerful attack and defence pots and there was huge outcry which resulted in them being promptly removed from our game. If memory serves this outcry came predominantly from LBers not happy they were now being hit by much smaller accounts using these new pots. If memory serves Harb was the most vocal against this introduction. Something tells me he may not feel the same way anymore, but let's see.
    Anyhoo, with the new building tiers and upgrades I hope you all agree the game IS now ready for these pots, which by the way, the Devs have already built. Again if I remember the artwork looked pretty cool, so good work there whoever made them. The attack and defence spells also need a pretty big upgrade guys. The reality is none of the current pots and spells offer much of a defence boost or attack boost in today's KaW. In fact smaller accounts of about 100mcs, still can't successfully hit the top tier ebs with full pots and that feels pretty wrong to me.
    I won't bang on about all the other reasons these updates or upgrades or whatever you wanna call em are needed but it would be good to hear from The KaWmunity and the Devs.
  2. Worth reinstating those pots IMO

    Would also suggest a new twist can be added.
    Eg new mith spells
  3. I agree. New pots and mith spells should be introduced.
  4. I would pay good mith for a potion that popped off a random spell, 6 mith and suddenly your chat color is like rainbow, or you get 200,000,000 stat boost for 3 minutes, just random chaos
  5. I can't recall, what were the stats for the pots they released then removed?
  6. Sorry Ruggy I can't remember but they were good. I mean for the LBers to complain about being hit by much smaller accounts they made a difference. In today's KaW devs would still need to look at their stats and amend them I think or introduce some others but either way it's long past it's due date. Come on Devs let's hear from you
  7. Adonis, I see you saying that the mechanism is there and that you want them but I can't see you giving a reason. What benefit is this going to bring to starter, mids and bigs? Just because something is possible doesn't mean it should be done.
  8. I don't disagree BobbleZ. But there are many reasons. Here are some I can think of. 1. Current pots and mith spells are too weak to make a good difference to hitting harder Ebs. 2. Hit ranges still allow much bigger accounts to completely own and destroy smaller accounts who have no hope of defending against their attackers. New pots and spells could even the playing field a bit more. 3. Progression. We were told that the new building tiers were introduced because every game requires progression and upgrades to flow properly. Well the Devs have progressed the game in some places but left it years old in spells and pots.
    Happy for others to add more reasons these 3 are just a starter. Thanks
  9. Essentially pots would change nothing.

    Builds as they are now are insane (stat-wise) and people who use pots are these huge accounts...

    In saying that the addition of pots with these massive accounts would cancel each other out or maintain the current status quo where pot additions will always be necessary.

    Further stagnation is inevitable.
  10. Pots would also be a much needed gold sink for when more accounts bc and ally market starts inflating again

    And yes yes yes to more mith spells- current ones outdated and weak in strength to todays stats and as we have seen, spells can be used all kinds of ways these days

    how about a spell for someone to see hidden owners to counter the hidden spell - controversial ;)
  11. Support...

    Unfortunately the devs don't like interacting with us so I wouldn't bother including them in the OP.

    You should probably rename it "fantasy land idea" or something similar 
  12. At least revamped or new pots,mith equip,mith spells or new quests would give game a new lease of life .maybe pot prices and stats could change in relation to size like The nobility exchange does?
  13. Small accounts hit small ebs, big accounts hit big ebs, problem solved. If these pots are going to be very powerful I assume they are going to be expensive. Will it be profitable for a small account to hit a big eb with these pots? If you are thinking of hansels then I would counter that it is a build choice and a trade off is made, less attack power and more spy power. Live with the choice or chose a different build. Plus with BFE from these events you can hit pretty much any eb with a stable.

    So is the suggestion that only additional defense pots would be released? If they release attack pots too then the bigger account will have the same boost as the smaller account maintaining the status quo. Furthermore, it is likely that the big account will have more gold available to spend on pots and generate gold faster, so the small account is going to trying to defend itself assuming these pots are going to be more expensive than the current set.

    Maybe quests would be a better thing for them to progress.

    To be an effective gold sink what are we talking? 1b a pot? 10b? This would make them only for the bigs, not going to help with Adonis point 1. above.
  14. Ok so BobbleZ you seem to be completely happy with the current pots and spells on offer. Is that true?
    Also I can't say I agree with your statement about small builds only hitting small ebs. Payouts and benefits don't exactly go great for the smaller ebs.
    I actually wouldn't object to certain pots only being made available to specific build ranges. Or if you want to sink gold increase the cost of the spells and pots in direct relation to the builds. So a massive lb account would have to pay far more than a much smaller build.

    You can't say you are all for progression of the game as the Devs do, but only update certain parts of the game.

    Whatsmore they must have seen a gap originally or they wouldn't have introduced the new pots the first time round. So they know the current pots are not fit for purpose. Or rather they knew that well over a year ago before the new lands and before the new tiers. How on earth can they now justify the same pots? They make no difference whatsoever to an account my size hitting an equal or similar size account. You correctly pointed out that bfe is huge now so that alone negates any use of pots. They are worthless. What I'm saying is they are a feature of the game and so should be useful to everyone.
  15. Yeah, it's time for new pots!

    Don't see any backside, after the last or upgrades
  16. Yes, they play a role for starter and mid stat accounts while people get a feel for the game. Beyond this I see no need.

    Pay out for small accounts (with the exception of item phases, which need no stat boost, and premium ebs) is not hugely enhanced by hitting higher tier EB, nor is event drop rate. Where is the advantage?

    They already do this with the increasing cost of mith as build size grows. Maybe there would be a small benefit to doing this with the pots too but I think devs have better things to do.

    They haven't updated the castle in a long time, or the quests ever...

    Devs aren't perfect, anyone playing knows that. Furthermore, as you say the game has changed. What was relevant when a 1 week old account was 1/100th the size of BC is no longer relevant when it is 1/1,000,000th the size of BC.

    I think you need to pick a side, do you want to see greater potential for defence or attack Argue one side or the other but to advocate the release of new pots/ mith giving equal stats in on both sides is pointless.

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  17. Support.

    In the past they took the pots away because "they did not want small accounts to use them to hit big Ebs"
    I don't understand, do you want smalls to grow or not ??
    Then in ee also ppl unload in seconds now because they go without pots. Introduce bigger pots and spells and make wars better again
  18. If I can hit a top tier eb 100mcs people should be able to hit em ez. (Haven't tried Lignabeulas brother eb yet cuz no clans let me in cuz kk)

    And yeah since new levels and new lands etc have cane out it's definitely time for the pots to come back.
  19. Support. Mith and pots have become redundant. Spice it up
  20. Proof that the machine tag not just ironic but also a label. Spice it up and post a justification.