Potential Event Ideas

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  1. I, like a lot of players would like more variance in event formats. I have composed a small list with some ideas.

    I will add any new ideas thought up in the comments to the list!

    Activity Event:
    Instead of collecting items, the player would be scored on their total attack/spy actions over the two week period.

    Craftable Hunt:
    At the beginning of the event the player would be presented a check list of things they need to craft. Ebs will drop crafting materials, which can be used to craft said items. The order matters, for example, you have to gather and craft a sword hilt before you can craft the blade.

    World Boss:
    Much like the PvP tower event where the players have to protect and destroy tokens. A single boss with x health will be available and players can attack it. This could replace the standard global collection legends, players would be rewarded based on overall damage, actions and who got the 'kill shot'.

    Hot Potato:
    Multiple bombs would spawn with a timer of 30mins and the player would need to hit another player to pass along the bomb. Once the bomb explodes, the player who holds it could lose troops/spies or some form of points.

    Guess Who Wins:
    Far in the past there was an event format which allowed players to bet on who would win wars with event items, a comeback?

    Free For All:
    Instead of the player collecting items and being rewarded when they hit each collection tier, rewards such as crux, silver bars, equip etc. would drop from ebs. This would mean that the more active players may get more rewards than previously, and the less active would get the same or less rewards. This also means that players cannot go to an NK clan for 2 days, hit 50K and be done with the event.

    Clan Event:
    Much like how a previous PvP event went where you had x time to sign up and be given a team. Instead, you must be part of a clan after the period and then you would be given that clan as your team. Any items you collect would then go towards your team
  2. I like the gambling
  3. I support activity events strongly. Do more, get more, largely regardless of size type stuff. It's hard to balance I'd imagine, but man an event 75% (or something) based on activity would be interesting. Reward active smalls, and anyone else who xtals for the event.
  4. Wouldn't the activity event be really annoying? I used to have a few quests that tracked ~2,000 actions and there was quite a lot of negative feedback. A 2 week activity event might have > 100k actions
  5. It would work the same as the normal legends but would track actions instead of items.

    It would mean you wouldn't get stuck with, for example, 10k GOTH items. Small accounts who can't hit the good ebs could also get higher rewards as long as they are active etc.

    I think those 2k actions legends was annoying as you couldn't collect anything until you do the actions. If the main event items was instead actions then there wouldn't be that 'wall' of 2k actions you needed to advance. It would act the same as the standard events, but based upon activity more.

    On a side note. You mentioned interest a while back on a larger collection tier such as 100k. I still think it is a good idea, or perhaps have small 'care packages' every x actions after the max tier (50k)
  6. Support! Activity event!!
  8. I like the craft hunt idea that would be fun