Potato forms

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  1. So I'm watching some video game stream right now, and someone in chat posited that the worst form of potatoes is tater tots.

    My gut response is no, wth, tater tots are great. I love tater tots. They're an excellent way to eat potatoes.

    But now I've gotten to thinking.... what if that stranger on the internet is right? Here is a brief list of potato formats I have considered (not counting raw potatoes, just prepared ones):

    French fries (all cuts)
    Mashed potatoes
    Baked potatoes
    Potato skins
    Stuffed potatoes
    Potato salad
    Scalloped potatoes
    Stewed potatoes
    Potato chips

    For the purpose of argument, I'm imagining each form in its most perfect, delicious presentation. I.e. not gonna compare perfectly seasoned, crispy, fresh tater tots to soggy, plain, room temp French fries or the potato salad Tammy brought to church functions.

    Let me say that I HATE potato salad. I refuse to touch it. But, conceptually, objectively comparing a perfect potato salad to a perfect tater tot...There's no way I could ethically choose the tot. Potato salad in its purest form has to be the superior dish.

    What are your thoughts? What is the worst way you can cook a potato (conceptually speaking, obviously you can cook it ANY way and have it turn out nasty if you really want)? I love tater tots and you can pry them from my cold dead hands, but I have to admit there are many better ways to prep a tato. Argue about potatoes and your dietary preferences below!

  2. Nah yams are....sweet potatoes
  3. Yams aren't sweet potatoes aren't potatoes.

  4. Yams are sweet potatoes...look it up
  5. Colloquially yes, technically no. Luckily this is an inconsequential hill, which leaves me free to die on it.
  6. I like me sum French fries!! Dipped in ranch! Best form is easily French fries!

  7. At least you know when you are defeated lol
  8. Let’s think about this....

    Stewed potatos have to be the worst and laziest for of the tato. No effort goes in and not as much flavor/seasoning. Tots are ALWAYS good. It’s hard to have bad tots. Plenty f bad potato salad and bad stewed potato.
  9. Worst form of potato is just plain boiled potatoes lol

    One of my favourite forms is potato bake. Mmmmmmm
  10. Twice baked potatoes are ξ„Ž
  11. Worst form is scalloped potatoes *gag* in taste and consistency GROSS!!
    Favorite tho is red potato salad. It's made with sour cream instead of mayo. Amazing!!
  12. The worst potato is savage
  13. This is actually an interesting question.
    Tater tots are awesome, kinda like hash browns but crispy all around. They are usually cheaper than fries. So I buy them more often.
    For me, it depends on what I'm eating. I like steak fries with burgers. Love tater tots with conrn dogs. Baked potato with steak. Not to much a fan of potatoe casserole. Mainly cause some people don't check if potatoes are done.
    Anyway, I could go on forever when it comes to food talk.
    The only bad potatoe, is a rotten potatoe :)
  14. You are all wrong. Perfectly cooked mashed potato with sour cream, butter, and chives is the best.
  15. What a out -spud-? o_O lol I'm kidding I don't even know spud!
  16. I can't make her in my kitchen, so she gets a one-time pass for this thread! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚
  17. I'm rather fond of potato pancakes!
  18. Oooooooh, excellent call! I didn't even think about them. Hot and fresh... yum
  19. 🌳😳🌳
  20. Right now im having blue potato chips for lunch. It taste yummy πŸ˜‹