post royalnavy

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  1. Welcome back. It's so good to hear you managed to beat such a serious affliction in such record time.
  2. I'll kill you
  3. I've realized that playing kaw is the only thing that brings me joy and that most of my friends are on this game.
  4. That's heavy
  5. OK see ya next week
  6. Give it two weeks
  7. I find your lack of (a) space disturbing...
  8. Its been two weeks and it does appear that he is back.
  9. Look at you mr investigator! Haha want to be friends?
  10. Man, i posted something like this 2 years ago
  12. Obvious troll
  13. Inb4 lock, -ninja
  14. I been kawing for 7 years, never ever seen or heard the name befor... Ive seen lurkers more active in wc than this guy( used as a neutral term, not for "male")
  15. You probably knew me by my older username,
  16. Why are you bumping a retirement thread nub?
  17. plz hurry up and quit
  18. Who will Protect GB? The germans can win now