Post problems about the devs and their actions

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  1. All will be considered then added
  2. According to devs we have free stuff like ebs and hit caps are just fine. Go kaw! :roll:
  3. You haven't even been a member for a year. You will understand a few things when you get older and play kaw longer. Pay to win events is how the Devs can provide for there families there salary isn't as much as you think f you look on the ATA website. To many lands isn't a problem it's more like not enough lands once people get all there lands unlocked and built its just a repetitive process until the Devs come out with new things.
  4. The graphics are just fine there's nothing to really add to them unless you want animations which is far different than graphics.
  5. Lol. I've bin playing longer then u think. This was an alt. I locked myself out of my main by mistake.
  6. If I may ask, why do you people complain about the devs so much? You have no idea how much time it takes to program this crap or maintain servers. I am fine with constructive criticism, but this goes to far. I must ask that you suck it up and play the damn game. I have not payed a dime, but I have grown a bunch, and still am, you say that the game is pay to get big right? No, it is the impatience of you that makes you pay.
  7. When did they listen?
    I wish they'll listen to you because of your size....

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  8. Devs will not change anything. Sorry
  9. You are tiny you have no idea I have volley transfer to alts previous and made a alt your size it took me only a few hours.I have a friend who does programming and coding for IBM and kaw isn't that complicated you are talking about a relatively basic system. If they are unable to address the main concerns of people then perhaps it's time they shut up shop. We complain because we are customers and as such we have the right to express our dissatisfaction.Also They do not own the server so they requires no effort at all none at all to maintain. Please check your sources before claiming that the servers take time to maintain. And by your reckoning your also fine with being smacked silly by builds x5 your size ??
  10. The lack of busy graphics is one of kaws stengths imo. Other games are overkill for a tap tap setting.
  11. This is very true. Kaw is different from other games alike it and that is one of the ways.
  12. I like the devs. I don't know them and they don't know me. It's their game, if you don't like playing it their way... Then get the **** out!!!!!!!!
  13. Yep many many people are
  14. There has never been a game that retains 100% of the players... And there never will be. Id venture to guess that this app has more players currently than ever before tho
  15. No this is so not the case, factor out the vast number of alts and inactives or even statless the number is no all that large. The player base has been shrinking for some years especially the "hard core" gamer base. Many spend more time I'm pm/forum than actually playing the game, kaw has been alienating people for some time and the free player and casual payer has given up and lost hope in the majority of cases.
  16. They keep rewarding us with free stuff and great equipment frm promo's and events wah wah
  17. Take out lack of graphics from op. That's why KaW is special from other games.
  18. Kaw is special because it has  graphics and none existent animation or battle footage.
  19. Nice answer to somebody who is enjoying the game the way it is.

    First of all, Blau_Engel has a 6m cs spy account, I really would like to see you create such an account in a few hours (without any actual newbie stuff we get nowadays) just by volley transfers. Good luck and have fun!

    Wow, you have a friend working for IBM and you suddenly are an IT expert. Guess what, I worked over a dozen of years for IBM and I still have plenty of friends there. None of them have been coding successful game apps though, sadly.

    Yes, coding an app is easy! The tricky part is first having the rough idea and outline of a game that will keep people hooked. Something easy, nothing where you have to sit for hours without interruption behind a screen to appeal for a casual player base, and so on.

    Yes, changing parameters like BFA, BFE, LB rank calculations, additional lands, buildings etc is very easy. The tricky part is the implications of changing one single parameter on the equilibrium of the game.

    Yes, some actual parameters aren't optimal. But instead of listing a page of three word complaints, try fixing them with constructive criticism! And no, not the silly "Get rid of BFA"... Try staying realistic while looking for solutions.

    Of course, developers don't maintain servers (even if they owned one), they develop programs. The poor guys maintaining servers are sysadmins... And honestly, nobody is really complaining about any issue server related.

    I have expressed my own concers on other threads and interestingly the solutions the community came up with during those constructive discussions seemed to have been picked up by the devs. Going from the newbie spell, the new player wc updates, all the way to the recent plunder upgrades of the lower and middle tier ebs, those solutions were suggested by players.

    Just putting up that list of complaints isn't going to achieve anything.
  20. Lack of care for customers
    These "free" events
    Doesn't listen to customers about anything