Post here if u are going to be an open farm

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ghosto7, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. He opened me so I ****** his mum
  2. Yes i agree...
  3. S3AN has too many friends ready to strip and farm at the touch of a button. So don't go near him. He can also take care of himself. Not a smart choice. Just a suggestion... Forget his name. And mine and S3RK.
  4. Ya lmao good times Sean valt and serk goodtimes lol but ya I wouldn't mess with him cause if you do I have a lot more clans then he listed that will pin too including my clan

    HYPER Academy
    The Last Temptation (maybe depends on if they want to)
  5. I'm not open
  6. I AM NOT OPEN curaed_soul is a farmer and liars he's perma open anyway
  7. If possible remove cursed_souls post for half those ppl are not open and he is also a perma farm
  8. Very generous of you to volunteer as a spy farm Ghosto. Very generous indeed.
  9. Hey try it my clan needs another farm
  10. That's a load of bull I haven't heard of a single farm close because of cursed. But I have heard of many opening from him.
  11. Ghosto7 is an open farm 